Pot my experience

I quit smoking pot about 24 years ago. I was a daily but light smoker from about 14 to 40. Three days ago I decided to take a few hits and see if it could get my creative juices flowing. I am still spaced out, drug out, no energy, dull brain etc. I don’t remember it being this way. I was still somewhat high the day after. This morning I left the hose running, ran a red light, lost my keys, lost my reading glasses ( they were on my head) ( keys were still in the car. My back gate was left open etc. Is this unique??

We used to call it being ‘wired’, though that probably isn’t the modern term. It’s a kind of hangover effect. You might not get effective sleep the night after smoking. Remember, you’re old now so it takes longer to recover from everything. That’s the reason I don’t do any serious drinking anymore. The next day or two would be shot.

Pot your experience? I’m not sure I know how. :slight_smile:

That story does not sound right to me. Something else is going on.

I went outside a while ago to work on my bows ( hobby is making primitive archery bows). I decided not use power tools cause I have to think just to find the switch. I used to get just like this years ago when I smoked but not 2 days later.

Why? He’s describing the symptoms of being tired. If he’s not used to it, they might seem a little exagerrated.

When I was about 20ish, I had few experiences similar to this. Basically, what would happen was that I wouldn’t smoke a lot of weed for a few weeks (months?) and then when I did I smoked strong stuff and a lot of it (for me, anyway). So the next day I felt kind like my attention span was dramatically was shot.

When I smoked regularly or smoked crappier bud I didn’t experience this. It could be because I got a lack of sleep during those nights when I smoked (a strong possibility). I could have also smoked so much that when I woke up, I was still coming down (I’m not sure how likely this is). I don’t know. The feeling seemed to go away with habitual use and it definitely didn’t always occur during non habitual use.

One thing that has always puzzled me about pot. However much I smoked the first time I smoked in a particlar day that would be the highest i could get. The more I smoked the more I seemed to come down. I usually would try and wait till I came down almost completely from the first smkoke before I smoked again just so I could get off on it a little. Alcohol is the opposite, the more you drink the drunker you get. I still have the munchies to some degree.

I’ve heard a lot of varying descriptions about the effects of smoking weed. Back in the day we used to say you couldn’t get high the first time you smoked. But that was probably because it was crummy weed and you coughed out all the smoke before absorbing anything potent. The first time I smoked I got a headache. But plenty of people have told me they got high the first time. And considering the potency of the weed after the mid 70s I’m not surprised.

I’ve also heard plenty of times that people can only get so high, and smoking more doesn’t help. This was my experience, but not everyone’s. I can’t play chess worth shit (which way does the horsey go again?), but I challenged a couple of guys who could play to bong chess tournaments and won because they couldn’t think at all anymore after a while. And I was losing pieces twice as fast as they were and taking twice as many hits as a result.

I think allergies may be factor with some people. The red eyes may affect everyone, but some people’s eyes puff up, and I’ve heard about throat constrictions, dry mouth, hives, and all sorts of reactions. In some other thread there’s something about someone who thinks they develop arrhythmia when they get high.

Based on my own experience and what so many others say, if you haven’t smoked in a while, it’s going to affect you differently.

Well, today is the fifth day and I am back to normal, yesterday I was just slightly foggy. I am kind of thinking that it has always affected me this way. Back when I was smoking I never stopped smoking long enough to notice. Funny thing was that my sex drive went through the ceiling the last several days. I usually like it about 3 times a week and this week more like 2 or 3 times a day.Today I don’t even want to look at it.