Alternate history: no American Revolution

Would things be much different? Would the US be more moderate?
I mean, it’s not like England is so dissimilar than the US.

Please read The Two Georges by Harry Turtledove and Richard Dreyfuss (yes, the actor). Excellent book about a murder myster set in 1990’s America that was still part of the British Empire.

The result of the revolution failing was discussed in either What If? or its sequel, What If? 2.

The author of the essay in question was of the opinion that if the American Revolution had collapsed quickly, then the colonies would have turned out like Canada. If the revolution had dragged on before failing, the author thought that the colonies would have turned out like Ireland under occupation, with rich British landowners controlling the colonies. The author also felt that such a result for the colonies would have delayed or halted the trend toward democracy for the UK, to its detriment as well.

If revolution failed, would the Britished ruled Anglo-Americans have spread coast to coast or would Mexico have spread to cover the Far west?
Who would have forced open Japan and how?
Would WWI & WWII still have happened.
Who would the Louisianna Purchase have been sold to if anyone?
Would Russia have retain Alaska?
What would Hawaii’s fate be?
Or would a second revolution had taken place 20-30 years later, possibly with portions of Canada joining in?

Would American troops led by Jackson have fought the French at Waterloo, by Lee against the Russians in the Balaclava, and by Pershing against the Germans at the Somme? Would Custer have fought his last stand at Isandlwana?

Another good book I’d recommend is, “For Want of a Nail” by Robert Sobel.

What the happens is…

The revolution fails, all the leaders but Franklin are executed. The colonies are divided into three states and it’s treated a lot like Canada.

Those who weren’t satisfied emigrated to about the Louisiana area and set up there own country called, “Jefferson.” Where they take over Mexico. So you have the United States of Mexico sharing the continent. They’re a poor country overall. It’s a really good book.

The United States of Canada?


Well, I suppose its possible that could have happened too if our invasion of Canada hadn’t been so inept. I’m sure our Canadian brothers and sisters were very disappointed not to be forcefully anexed by the US. :wink:


I weep with regret every single day of my life.

As well you should.