Alternate Reality Games (a la The Lost Experience)

I loved the Lost Experience… Unfortunately, I missed a lot of it, but while I participated, I found it great fun.

Are there other new, or at least easy to jump into, games out there that anyone can recommend?

I’m sure I’m not the only person to discover this, but the other day, I was watching some stupid movie on TV. The opening credits started to roll, and I saw the name “Rachel Blake”. The movie? “Nowhere to Land” My husband and I looked at each other and wondered why that name sounded so familiar to us. It dawned on us at the same time – the main heroine in The Lost Experience’s name was Rachel Blake. We laughed for a minute, amused that the name had become so ingrained in our minds. Then, I asked him to show me the description of the movie. Hmmm… Sydney to LA flight gone awry… And of course, it all took place on Oceanic Airlines. Obviously not a coincidence then that Rachel Blake’s name was used in The Lost Experience.

What did surprise me was the fact that I couldn’t find any reference to the connection between Rachel Blake/Nowhere to Land and Lost/The Lost Experience. … Not even at the real Rachel Blake’s IMDB page. Odd.

Anyway, I’d love to find another similar game.

What a co-incidence. I just listened to a talk by the two founders of 4orty 2wo Entertainment, widely considered the founders of ARGs. I asked them about what they thought of the Lost Experience and they felt that the guys who ran it made several novice mistakes that they themselves had made when they first started. In short, they were disappointed with the lost experience and that it was many people’s first encounter with ARGs.

As for finding other ARGs to play, well half the fun of them seem to be in the discovery.