Alternative religion types help me out..

I work in a small amusement park, for the last 3 weeks we have been finding ducks decapitated and the heart was apparently removed, head also not found.
It has happened the last 3 wednesdays, 3 ducks were killed, and the bodies placed facing each other in a pattern like they were sitting on the points of an eqilateral triangle (or 120 degrees apart on the edge of a circle). However one single duck was killed last night same way.

Is there any kind of ritualistic or spell component significance for this or do we just have a nutcase wandering our park late at night.

I ask because our management is planning on having some armed all nighters. If there is a way to predict this event then we can bring in police and hopefully nab our duck slayers legally without anyone getting hurt.

Help me dopers you’re my only hope…

way to double post. The same thread is found in GQ
How long until this puppy gets locked?

Sorry wasnt sure where to put it and no bs ** somebody could end up getting killed over this**

If these people cross paths (management/late night visitor) there will be an armed confronation.

Sorry if I thought this was important.

If you are completely serious and are really looking for a religion that might perform such a ritual, then GQ is the place for the thread–that’s where I saw it and responded to it. (I didn’t help but I responded.)

However, posting in more than one forum is considered bad form no matter how important the question is. Just trying to help.

From what I know about “alternative religions”, demonology, Satanism, etc… it sounds to me like its a couple of punk teenagers trying to get everyones goat, or duck in this case. That or it’s aliens moving on from cattle to waterfowl.

Well thats just not very amusing in my opinion.

Won’t happen again, thank you