Alternatives to investing in Gold (durable goods investing)

Mom has been worried lately about the “impending financial collapse”, she was watching a couple of those half hour long “teaser” ads that try to scare you into buying the guy’s promotional literature…

She’s considering investing in gold, generally a safe investment, but with one big problem, gold has no nutritional value, you can’t eat it, whereas investing in arable land that can be used to grow food / firewood / lumber / raise livestock and holds inherent value is a better idea

Gold is basically a pretty shiny metal that we all have agreed has value…

Due to budgetary limitations on my end, investing in gold would be problematic, my strategy is precious metals like steel, brass, copper, lead and the like :wink: with these “precious” metals I can supply food, protect the family farm, and they also hold value as barter goods…

Of course the ideal strategy for durable goods investing is diversication, so having some of each is ideal

Any ideas for other good durable goods investments?
Heirloom seed bank
Access to potable water

Are you talking about investing in commodity securities or talking about hoarding physical commodities in your basement? Speculating in commodities by buying securities on the market is a lot more liquid than sticking stuff in your basement - you can sell securities with a quick call to your broker but if you want to sell 5 pounds of silver that you hid under grandma’s wedding dress you have to find a dealer, travel there, get the silver assayed, transported to a market or depository, etc. On the other hand, in a true apocalyptic/Mad Max scenario, the global markets probably won’t be online and you’ll need to barter down by the old well - better have the stuff on hand.