Alternatives to Teen sex - hey kids, try toe sucking instead.

The school’s brochure lists 101 alternatives for students to try instead of sex.

Toe sucking has caught the media’s attention. :smiley:

I liked the dad’s reaction and the text to his daughter’s boyfriend.

I read the list and some of the suggestions are pretty good.
#49 hold them and let them know you care
#71 trust each other

Surprised a cold shower didn’t make the list.

Better than being a Toad Sucker, I suppose.

Them Toad Suckers (Mason Williams)


I feel the same way. Been married almost forty years and never had any interest in my wife’s feet.

Nothing wrong with toe sucking, it just doesn’t appeal to me.

Does seem odd it would be recommended to 14 year old kids.

I was always partial to Hog Liver Likers
I can honestly say I never expected to get ninja’d on a Mason Williams reference, let alone in the first reply to a thread. Salute! I still sing them poems to myself from time to time, even though I haven’t listen to that 8-track since…well when was the last time you could get a new car with an 8-track in it? 1973?

As far as toe sucking, uh, not seeing the allure in giving or receiving. But I do know it’s a thing. Just not mine.

The nineties called, they’re going togive us Fergie back

Great Idea.

“Hey! Don’t have Sex! Just start with some Foreplay!”. Can’t see how this could go wrong. :rolleyes:


Toe socking is a fetish? I though it was just a way to get girls into bed :slight_smile:

I likes feets (:))

To be fair, the brochure is actually titled 101 ways to show someone you love them other than having sex. It doesn’t say you can’t also have sex.

Back in the '80s, I went out a few times with a foot-fetish guy. It was actually kinda nice. But HIS feet? Ewwww.

Toe socking is the safe way to engage in toe sucking.

I love baby feet. But hey, little babies grow up (darn!) and Lord have mercy when the teen boy hormones hit. When The Son got tall and his feet got big, he damn near killed us off when he’d remove his shoes in the living room! Flowers outside dropped their bloom, baby birds jumped out of their nests and splatted on the ground, and the paint on the walls blistered and peeled!

Yep. Teen boys are all kinda *nasty.
When Son-of-a-wrek hit the teen years I didn’t mind him stinking as long as he was somewhere else.
In fact he hasn’t really grown out of the funk stage. How did the boy ever get a wife? :dubious:
He was pretty clean on his wedding day.

Have you ever smelled HER feet?

I think the percentage of teenagers who would accept a toe-sucking instead of sex is in the single digits.

Damn! :frowning:

I’ve only got inches. :o

Try sucking two toes at once. That gets you into double digits.