Alton Brown disses Colorado Peaches

Junction/Palisade area Dopers, please try to catch the next airing of Good Eats “Peachy Keen”. I think he seriously dissed Colorado orchards! One bit talking about how to pick a good peach he did the standard thing about shipping and storage requiring hard, tasteless fruits, such as one “might find in Utah”. Green River Utah is closer to good peaches than I am, so I’d think some would find their way over the line… Don’t they?

I can’t find a youtube or transcript, so I don’t know for sure that he did. Maybe I missed something earlier…

Everybody knows South Carolina peaches are best!

– IG

Pffft. I’ll put Chilton County peaches up against any other peaches in the world.

For God’s sake, the man’s from Georgia. What do you expect him to say?

After spending a summer in northwest Florida, and having sampled quite a few Georgia peaches, I gotta say, Colorado Peaches are far, far superior in flavor, size, and juiciness. We ate quite a few South Carolina peaches as well, and sorry to say, Improv,they were not even as good as the Georgia ones.
But it might all have been the fault of our grocery store or its suppliers. Things are fairly primitive in our neck of the woods.

Every one knows fresh peaches are the best. Alas, there is no such animal after August. My breakfasts are suffering.

I should preface this by saying that it was more my late night dry humor than anything, but I will tell you a story. My first summer job was with a produce store and we would sell these peaches from South Carolina and I kid you not that old ladies would fight over them, I mean like personal foul, roughing the passer fight.

– IG

Alton is losing it I think…in the peaches episode he looks to be fashioning the dreaded comb-over :rolleyes:

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking, but he could have chose somewhere other than Utah - North Dakota maybe (note - I know next to nothing about North Dakota). I gave him a pass on the Vidalia onions, but I’m keeping my eye on him - if he tries to pass off any cantaloupe as better than Rocky Ford, I’m gonna… um, do one of these :rolleyes: !
After his road-trip show where all he managed to do was get altitude sickness in Colorado, I wonder if he’s got something against us (flatlanders shouldn’t go up Pikes Peak their first day above 4000 feet)

I took it to mean that he thought shipped peaches were inferior. Therefore, if you’re in idaho, you’d probably want local peaches, not Georgia fruit. It just doesn’t ship well when ripe.


Slight nitpick and hijack – as Alton once explained, it’s not really cantaloupe, it’s muskmelon.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled pro-Colorado peach rant.

Grand Junction resident here, although I was born, raised, and lived much of my life in SoCal.

I will have to say that Palisade peaches are some of the best damn fruit I have had in my life. That said, I can understand the hatred of shipped fruit (bulk for grocery stores). It has to be picked before fully ripe so it won’t get destroyed in transit. When I buy locally, the peaches are tree-ripened and fragile. Pure ambrosia. I’m sure this is the case anywhere peaches are grown.

You can order some Palisade peaches from Alida’s and judge for yourself! :smiley:

I also think he was advocating local peaches over shipped peaches, regardless of where “local” is to you. That’s why people here in Texas fight over Frederickburg peaches, and probably why I’ve never even heard of your various regional peaches.

Sorry, y’all can brag on your fresh fruit all you want, but I’ll stack Hood River OR produce against anything out there–from strawberries, cherries, through peaches, nectarines, plums, pears and apples, Hood River has all the most amazing varieties, fresh, juicy and packed with flavor. The reason why nobody else knows about it is that we don’t grow produce that’s meant to ship well, and it doesn’t. Either you get it from a local fruit stand or you make the drive from Portland once a month during the summer for whatever’s in season or you don’t get it at all.

Fresh is best… mmmm, it’s pear season right now–red pears sliced razor thin, placed on top of whole wheat pancakes as they’re cooking so that when you flip them over they cook into the pancake and kinda caramelize, sooo yummy!


Alton Brown is God. He is also my secret boyfriend. Whatever he says is gospel. Therefore, Colorado peaches must suck.

End of discussion.

Ok, maybe something happens to peaches when crossing the Utah border… We’ll go with that.

It’s the heat. That or the Mormons…don’t know which. :wink:

For concluding that Colorado peaches “must suck,” **Ivylass ** is no longer one of my favorite people. I know that must be tearing her heart out right now, but a Coloradoan must do what a Coloradoan must do. Colorado is heaven-on-earth, everyone knows that, everyone else is jealous of it, and we suffer nobly for it, always. No, no, don’t deny it. Everybody else wants to be us. We know it. You know it. Live with it.

::Stands stoically while being pelted with over-ripe fruit::

I’m sorry, Sunrazor, but when my Alton proclaims, I must obey. But I won’t throw fruit at you. Can I make you a peach cobbler instead?

It’s probable…It seems to me that lately (maybe since he got that other show, maybe before then) he’s gotten a bit more snarky/snobby and…territorial? I mean, he was always a little snarky and snobby and I enjoyed it, but it seems more blatant and less fun now.

I still wuv him, though. Wish he’d do a seminar around here.