Aluminum Christmas Trees Confessions Thread

I’ll start:

I didn’t know real people say “Bloody hell”

It can be anything. You can even confess not knowing that a movie character was based on a real person, or not knowing that a movie was based on a real event.


I’m missing something here. Another cultural loop I’m on the outside of. What do aluminum Christmas trees have to do with exclamations?

For what it’s worth, my aunt and uncle had an aluminum Christmas tree, with the four-color wheel and all. But they didn’t say “bloody hell.”

Thanks for asking, Cal, I didn’t know either!
I’m not sure if it fits here, but the other day my husband and I were watching a show in which parents go to their kids’ grade-school class and talk about their jobs. I asked him if he thought that was a real thing, and he looked at me funny and said of course, it was common. shrug