Always Declare Human Heads on Customs Forms

Wonder if she had it in a duffel bag?

Gotta feel sorry for the baggage screener who found the thing.

Wowza, I thought the name “severe” was a tad fishy (and news companies have been taken in before) but doing a search, the US Department of Justice has a press release so…yup.

“My husband say he want head… Is wrong?”

Which demostrates that it doesn´t work, it didn´t ward her from the customs agents. :smiley:

Okay…I need to know. Was it a “shrunken head”? A newly-severed head? Did it involve grave robbery? There are just so many unanswered questions…

I see now that it was grave robbery. Ya gotta love these guys!

In her defense, it’s not terribly clear on those forms which category one should use with regards human heads. Is the value over $400? Is it a meat or agricultural product? Could it be viewed as an accompanying family member? I’d give her the benefit of the doubt and let it slide… unless maybe the head belongs to Natalee Holloway.

We all have our talents… hers is a head for travel.

I agree; there are simple checkboxes on immigration forms that you can mark if you are a drug dealer, or if you wish to enter the United States to carry out terrorist activity, but where’s the question asking about human heads? Nowhere. Bloody administrative incompetence.