Am I a Drug Smuggler

Consider that when I fly out of Saudi Arabia, I always take a month’s worth of my medications. Some of them are controlled in the US, but not here in Saudi Arabia.

Heck, almost nothing in Saudi Arabia is on prescription. (Ritalin being the only exception I have ever run into.)

So I come through US Customs with:
Testosterone (a Class III drug)
A mess of blood pressure medications

Can Customs ask me for a prescription? What if I give him one in Arabic, would that work? Honestly, I have never heard of such a thing.

It you have a prescription from your country, you are allowed to have it as far as I’ve been told. I used to work for T.S.A. and they have different standards but we were told if the passenger has a legal prescription, we can’t touch it unless it has marijuana or something else in the bottle.

Plus we never checked incoming international travelers because that is naturally cutom’s job, so I wouldn’t know specifics. You may want to go to the us customs site. Google it.