Am I a liberal or a conservative or what?

I am:
Pro Choice
Pro Gun Control
Pro Environment
Pro Equality in the Workplace
Pro Equal Opportunity
Pro sex education
And, I voted for Clinton, both times. The economy was doing very well, and he just got caught doing what almost every other President has done.

But also,

I am Pro death penalty.
Do not believe in hand-outs, of any kind.
Believe that unions are out dated.
Believe in survival of the fittest.
Pro money, if you can find a way to make a lot of money legally, good for you.
Believe that if you do not want to learn English, then do not try to move to the USA.
Also believe that immigration laws shoudl be much stricter, and that people sneaking into America are not immigrants, they are law breakers, and should be treated as such.
Believe that if at all possible, the wife should stay at home and take care of the children until they go off to school.

So…liberal or conservative, or what ??

I’d say conservative-moderate.

Or, if you imagine a scale of 1-to-10, with 1 being extreme liberal and 10 being extreme conservative, you sound like a 6.

Of course, this whole exercise just shows how meaningless a strict liberal/conservative scale is.

Yes, it shows how the range of political opinions isn’t a one-dimensional spectrum. Your range of opinions isn’t that bizarre, though I think most people who are pro “equality in the workplace” would be less insistent on women staying at home (why shouldn’t people with penises be the ones who stay at home?). I’d also say the “survival of the fittest/no hand outs” idea is unrealistic - it’s certainly not acceptable to the overwhelming majority of the electorate.

What’s your position on drugs? Zero-tolerance or decriminalize?

Abortion is a funny issue and even thought there is a trend towards one side or another there are many crossovers and IMHO not a good issue to decide a political party by (though it could influence your vote for a person).

Gun control leads me to believe that you trust higher powers (Gov’t) to be able to protect it’s people and do not trust the individual to be able to provide his own capable defence. This would tend you to the socialist side.

Pro Environment, did you even meet a canidate who was anti-environment? This issue has gotten really political to the point of not protecting the enviornment but to protect political interests. Liberals claim to have this issue wrapped up but if you dig beneath the surface you will see that what they claim is a distortion and only serves them politically most of the time. Look in to this issue further - both sides are pro environment and anti env. but on different issues. The liberal side is more anti capitalism then pro environment

Pro equity/EOE IMHO should be handled by what you are against (Unions) and not the gov’t - but again that’s just my humble O. I think both sides are for these - at least publically say so. The conservative side is more likely to say that a person should be able to get what they are worth while a liberal is more likely to say equal work for equal pay but it is the same thing (just two different sides.)