Am I crazy or just German? Horseradish in cole slaw - yea or nay?

We had a pot luck meal at work tonight and I brought in a tub of cole slaw made in my usual way. Mayo, some sweet pickle brine and a spoonful of horseradish for just a bit of a playful nip to balance the sweetness. From the way my coworkers talked you’ve thought I made it with asbestos and puppy squeezins. It tasted good to me. That’s the way my dad, a former army cook, taught me to make it. That’s they way my whole transplanted Germanic clan eats it.

What do you think? Horseradish in cole slaw - tasty or trash it?

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That’d be very different to the types I’m used to eating. It sounds interesting and I’d give it a try, but yeah, most of my family and friends would think it’s nuts.

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I wouldn’t normally make it that way, but I think I would love it - horseradish sounds like a perfect addition to coleslaw.

Just German and, though I’ve never had it, I have to make it.

I wondered why my wife bought a whole gallon of bread and butter pickles until I had the broccoli salad she made today. Okay, I thought I knew exactly why she bought them (to eat them, and in a week they’re nearly gone), but I wondered why she hadn’t drained off any of the juice. Now I have a use for it, too.

I’ve never had it either, but it sounds pretty good. I’ll have to try that next time I have cole slaw.

I don’t put a lot of horseradish in a batch. Somewhere between one and two tablespoons per quart of slaw is enough to just perk it up a little and give a little tickle to the sinus.

[pet peeve]Coleslaw is one word, not two.[/pet peeve]

I’ve had coleslaw made with some kind of cabbage that was so strong, I thought there WAS horseradish in it. So I can see putting a little in, to make it more of a condiment. I can chow down on coleslaw till the dish is empty, horseradish would slow me down some.

I don’t think I’ve ever had coleslaw with horseradish, but it sounds like a good to me. I make a variety of different types of coleslaw, including mustard slaw, so the horseradish slaw sounds like the same basic idea.

I could see how your slaw would confuse people, especially if they’re expecting one set of flavors when they bite in taste an ingredient they’re not used to having in slaw.

“Crazy” and “German” are not mutually exclusive, you know. In fact…

But horseradish in coleslaw is just wrong.

horseradish goes with everything.

sounds tasty.

is nontraditional to the common style so i would label it as such to not have food wasted and people distressed.

I’d love it. I just had a creamy coleslaw this weekend that had some kind of briny zing to it; maybe they used horseradish as well. I remarked to my husband that I liked the flavor, but I can see that someone who expected a sweeter slaw would be put off.

I’ve never had coleslaw with horseradish; it’s definitely not part of the typical recipe from my neck of the woods. I see that Emeril has a horseradish coleslaw recipe, but he also puts Granny Smith apples in it, which does not sound remotely appealing. I think I’ll skip the apples, but I’ll try putting horseradish in the next batch of slaw I make. I love horseradish.

And Cole’s Law is a regulation governing cabbage slice thickness.

Sounds good! The last batch I made had a little Sriracha in it; fortunately my friends already know that my favorite celebrity chef is Dr. Frankenstein, so they weren’t taken unawares.

You’ve witnessed “coleslaw” being referred to as “cole slaw” enough times that it has become a pet peeve? What do you do- edit cookbooks?

I’ll edit anything someone will pay me to edit. The rest of the time I just note errors and seethe. :wink:

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