Am I destroying the planet, or preserving our past?

In this time of hybrid vehicles, alternate fuels, and the end of the world as we know it due to global warming (or not). I find myself in a wierd place.

One that I suspect could easily get me pitted. :stuck_out_tongue:

So the Blank household added it’s fifth car to the household. We’re not particularly affluent, we just buy cars we like, don’t drive them much, and never sell them.

So, we’ve got the Avalance, Subaru, two Vettes and this:

Lest you think we’re actively TRYING to get the worst gas mileage possible, know that I commute via Light Rail and drive, maybe, 4000 miles a year.

10-20 years from now, the Subaru and Avalanche will probably be long gone, but the Vettes and Hearse, I hope, will still be here, if only to show where we’ve been.

edit: I neglected to mention. The Hearse gets about 9 mpg.

I always wanted a hearse!

I wouldn’t care what other people thought about it. If owning and driving the cars brings you joy, then do what you want. It’s not like your 4K miles per year is going to kill the planet.

You don’t really need 2 vettes.

I’ll take one off your hands. No questions asked.

Well, the only one that’s mine to give…uh…isn’t the best behaved. In fact, it’s kinda high strung. Temperamental. Fast as all get-out, but persnickety.

And comes with no warranty, express or implied.

No, that would only increase its carbon footprint. If he owns it, only one will be driven at a time. If you have it, then both of you could conceivably drive them simultaneously.

No, the only responsible thing would be to scrap it.

I disagree. If I scrap it, you’ve lost a moment in time. You’ve lost the knowledge, the lessons learned, a reference to the improvements. Case it point: The 66 Caddy feels floaty at 70 mph. The 89 Vette was one o the first few cars to be able to run 150 mph…I’ve had the 98 Vette to 168 and other than it being loud, it was a pretty low stress situation.

I guess it should be mentioned that I have a 1962 Lathe that I’ve restored, and an early 1950’s AM/FM/SW Grundig Majestic. There’s also a TI-99/4a and an Atari 2600 in the house. It seems the older I get, the more I value older stuff.

and my iPhone, but that’s another thread.

I was being ironic. :wink: I was giving the advice that would reduce the carbon footprint. If you want to preserve history, be my guest. If you want to reduce the carbon footprint well, I’ve already explained the only real way to do that.

Driving at 168 mph, isn’t the most environmentally friendly activity. It sure is fun though. Not that I would know, 145 is the top I’ve been to. My friend had an old Mustang that was the 78 pace car in the Indy 500.

I love my iPhone.

Wow, badass! So, what engine is in there? Is it the 472/500? If so, you wanna help me rebuild mine? :slight_smile:

EDIT: BTW, don’t feel bad about your five cars. We are up to seven right now.

It’s got a sedate 429, mated to a really restrictive crush-bend exhaust system. I’m thinking of putting a cat on the car, just became I’m tired of chewing on the exhaust it makes now…that’s responsible, right?

The car is exceptionally clean, I kinda don’t want to start hacking on it.

Show were you’ve been? Hell, the hearse will tell you where you’re headed. :slight_smile:

Are there one or two of those cars that you drive the most? I’m guessing the Subaru and the Avalanche. 5 cars? I guess it’s better than having them all compacted and sold for scrap.