Am I entitled to a refund for these flowers?

I used an online flower delivery company (FTD), to have a flower arrangement delivered on Dec. 24. The flowers were not delivered. I called Dec. 26 and they said they would reschedule the delivery for that day (I had to reschedule; they didn’t automatically redeliver.) The flowers were not delivered on Dec. 26. On Dec. 27, at 10:00 a.m., i cancelled the delivery. At 11:30 a.m. that day, the flowers were delivered (left on the doorstep).

Am i legally entitled to a refund? Does it count as unsolicited merchandise since the order was cancelled and it was not scheduled for delivery that day? The ordering was in MA, the delivery was in FL, and i think FTD’s website is based out of IL.

I don’t know if you’re entitled or not, but if you call customer service and pitch a big enough fit (which I absolutely would do in this case!), you’re about 98% sure to get one.

Did you place your initial order under their terms of service? Do they have a disclaimer if a delivery cannot be made as scheduled? Did you reschedule the delivery under the terms of service? Did they state why both deliveries were not met? I seriously doubt you are entitled for any refunded under unsolicited merchandise. The merchandise was clearly intended for delivery at that address. Also, to be fair, attempting to claim it with only a 90 minute window smacks of pettiness on your part.

FWIW, based on what you wrote, I would refund money for the missed delivery. But if you claim unsolicited merchandise for the refund request, I would deny your claim and tell you to take a hike.

A similar situation from 1800flowers got me a full refund and 50% off my next order. It may be useful to mention when you call customer service that that is what the competition does in situations like that.

Flowers were supposed to be delivered on the 24th, but weren’t delivered until the 27th, and hour and a half after you cancelled the delivery? It sounds to me like you’re due a refund.

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You’re definitely entitled to a refund. I’ve seen people get refunds for things that were a lot less of a hassle. You could easily get a refund for them not delivering them on the expected date but compounded with the fact that you cancelled the order, I say you have a good amount of material to use for your arguement. A company is usually eager to please in order to keep customers returning.

Wouldn’t it matter whether the non-delivery was the fault of the flower vendor, or because no one was home to receive them? I guess that assumes they can’t just leave them on the porch, which they ultimately did.

Was there no attempted delivery until after they were canceled?

I would expect a refund and an apology/explanation. If a refund was not made, I would be very sure never to do business with them again.

Do you have copies of your original order (perhaps an email confirmation?) showing the original delivery date? Then, do you have confirmation of your cancellation?

I’d first try the customer service line- which I’m fairly certain will work for you. If it doesn’t, and if you do have the above stuff, I’d consider filing a BBB complaint. It’ll take you just a few minutes and it’ll warn other consumers.

If you paid by credit card, dispute the charge. This will make the flower shop, sit up and take notice. They don’t care unless you hit them in the pocket book.

Yes, of course you’re due a refund. 12/24 is BEFORE Christmas. 12/27 is AFTER Christmas. Critical distinction. And they’re probably 3 days old to boot!

I’d talk to the florist and nicely request a refund. If you don’t receive a refund within one week, THEN I’d escalate it to the clearing house (e.g. 800-FlOWERS). If that doesn’t work, THEN I’d dispute it with the credit card company.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the responses. Before i started this thread, i had talked to customer service to get a refund, bet they refused. They offered me a 10% discount, but i refused that. The other day, i opened up a dispute through PayPal and FTD decided to refund my money. I guess they were getting sick of me. So yay for PayPal and FU FTD.

In case anyone doesn’t know, the big flower delivery companies work a lot like windshield repair companies. They take orders nationwide, then subcontract the work to local businesses, taking a nice chunk of the pie. It seems FTD doesn’t have good communication with it’s flower shops.

I think when companies screw up, they should make it up to the consumer. It’s the right thing to do, and it makes good business sense. I’ve ordered from FTD 3 or 4 times (i even have an account at their web site), but i won’t use them again.


The recepient was home both days they were supposed to be delivered. There was no attempt at delivery.


Their reason for non-delivery the first day, quoted from the email: “The order was not delivered as requested because the florist is closed.” The 90 minute window doesn’t matter becaquse delivery was not scheduled for Tuesday. When they failed to deliver on Saturday, they did not automatically try to send on Monday, i had to call and reschedule the delivery. So i assumed they wouldn’t automatically try to deliver them Tuesday.

I only used FTD once and will not again. I wanted them delievered to Her on her birthday where she works. Every other company I have used comes in the front door to recption, then delievered them to my wife’s desk. The FTD company sent them UPS they tryed to deliever them to recieving which was closed that day. After work when I found out that she did not get the flowers I called customer service. They said that they would not refund because the business was closed and my fault. I called the credit card company and requested a credit which I got.

The next day about 3:30 in the afternooon recieving called my wife to tell her she had a package. She went down and UPS had just delievered the flowers. I got a email from FTD asking if I was satified with the service. My email back to them was no. They had ruined my surprise and I was not paying for a late delievery and if they wanted to go to my wife’s desk she would return the flowers.

My friends are florists and hate FTD. Their mark-up is terrible. I still use them occasionally because Delta gives you 25 or 30 miles per dollar spent, and I’m a sucker for miles, but most of the time I’ll call a local florist.

Glad you got your refund. It appears that FTD is better at doing refunds when pushed. FWIW, I refuse to use FTD or Teleflora. I will call a local florist in a distant location and have them take my order for a local delivery.