Am I extraordinarily juvenile to find the name "Operation Mountain Thrust" funny?

because it sounds like “mount and thrust”?,2933,199975,00.html

Well… I’m seventeen, male and I don’t find it amusing. But then, I’m guilty of snorting at the occasional Chuck Norris fact. So, who am I to judge? :o

I’m 20 and totally lame. . . . and I think that’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. Thanks!

Heh heh…Mountain Thrust.

Thank you, it was the very first thing I thought of. Yes, I am twelve.

No, that’s just funny. And it’s more evidence that they just don’t name military operations like they used to. :smiley:

Hee hee… Mount’nThrust…

I’m 27 and I giggled. Hehehe…Mountain Thrust…

They should change it to Operation Brokeback Mountain Thrust.

Heh. He said “thrust.” :stuck_out_tongue:

They could have named it Operation Stem The Rose. See how man in the field caught that reference. :smiley:

Operation Mountain Thrust…

We get on the mountain and spank the opposition (insert announcer voice) into submission!


I also thought it would make a good euphemism for titty-fucking.

Eeehh… it does make you wonder if the guys in charge of coming up with operation names were at the end of a long shift and feeling kind of giddy…

That is SO going to become the title of a gay porn video.

I would bet money it’s no accident.

Heh heh you said mount.

They are running our of good names. The 10th Mountain Division uses ‘Mountain’ as the first word for its operations (4th Infantry uses ‘Ivy’ and so on.)

Years ago in Panama, we had used so many good names that we had to plan the invasion under the name ‘Blue Spoon.’ The Prez changed it to ‘Just Cause.’

‘“We are the focus of Mountain Thrust right now,” said Capt. Jared Wilson.’

Is that what they’re calling BOHICA nowadays?

Duffman says, “Alright! Mountain Thrust! An operation I can get behind!”

Thank you for a nice chortle. :smiley: