Am I headed to hell or what?! (Celebrity Death Pool related...)

I probably am!! As some dopers are aware, the 2006 Celebrity Death Pool sign-up is going on, through 12/31/05 (I think). And wouldn’t you know it, some of the folks picked for 2006 lists seem to be teetering on the edge already?! LOL When I heard that former President Gerald Ford had been sent to the hospital, my first thought (God help me …) was, "Please Gerry, wait until after the first of the year to croak! Oh yeah, I’m headed on the one-way ticket to hell all right. :stuck_out_tongue: Zsa Zsa Gabor has been hospitalized recently as well, and Richard Pryor’s passing earlier this week caused at least two death pool 2006 lists to be updated.

I tried explaining the celebrity death pool to a couple of co-workers this morning … I don’t think I did such a good job though because they looked at me like I was crazy.

You’re not the only one. I’m also in the death pool at work. We have two, one for celebrities and one [this is bad] for clients. $1.00 in each pot and pray for death.

When Richard Pryor died my second thoughy (first was Oh, How sad!) was “Couldn’t you have waited until January 1st?”

I have the co-worker who insists I’m going to hell for my DP participation.

Of course, when Wellington Mara died, she was the one who asked “Oooo, did you have him? How many points was he worth?”

I feel bad for choose Michelle Trachtenberg every year. I have nothing against her and don’t want her dead, but I do want huge points that will go only to me.

You’re all worrying about the wrong thing. What you better hope is that Dirty Harry doesn’t come around busting your butts (“The Dead Pool”).


I was watching Imus in the Morning today with George Carlin as a guest. In the discussion he (George) stated that some hospitals have CTD (Close To Death) on the charts of terminally ill patients and that some called it “Circling The Drain”.
I had never heard this term or related slang before but thought it may be of use in these discussions.
As always, I live to serve.

Me too. When Margaret Thatcher spend a night in hospital recently all I could thinks was “please, Maggie - hang on until January!” :wink:

My wife also thinks I’m insane.

The DO is very offensive to Muslims. I don’t talk about it in the office.