Am I missing something about Google Photos?

I created an album that Google tells me will be visible to anybody, signed in or not, regardless of whether they even have a google account.

This is it. Can you see it?

I imagined that I could send a link from any pic in that album and anyone could look at that pic. But apparently not – Can you see this picture? I got complaints in another thread that the link won’t work.

In order to send a link to a random person a picture that they can see, what do I have to do? Create an album with just the one picture in it, and make the album public? Or what? Can I do something to an individual pic after uploading but before even putting it into an album? I can’t see any options to do so.

I can see both links. I logged out of my Google account, and I can still see them.

Now I’m doubly confused.

I don’t have a Google account, can see both fine.

Me too

Me three.

I do have a Google account and can see them as well.

Once a goodie, always a goodie.

I checked your other post and I got 404 errors on both links.

The URL style doesn’t match the one from this post: code)
vs code)

Yes. Nice sundog. :cool:

Clicking takes me to photos also, but

Rather a bizarre overly-long URL dontcha think? Quicktopic maintains security with a 12-character “PIN,” but your Google URL has over 150 characters of obfuscation. (What problem is Google trying to solve?) Could the “key=” have been dropped by some?

Add me to the list.