Am I on the right track?

So I graduated from college in May of 2006 and worked for the company I was with during school for about another 6 months after graduation. Now I am working in outside sales for a healthcare company (I do presentations, get companies to sign off on contracts, etc).

I want to get into pharama or some other form of “territory” sales that does not involve pure cold-calling, so am I right to think that sticking with a job I despise for the year of experience is a good call when I am 23 years old?


For what it is worth, yes, I think your current job is good experience for a sales job like you describe. Presumably you interact with clients a lot, probably travel a fair bit, and need to present yourself and your company’s products well. All of these skills would come in handy in a pharmaceutical sales job.

If you really can’t stand your current job it wouldn’t hurt to start looking for your dream job now. It seems like there are always companies looking for sales help.

Laughing Lagomorph, 18 years in the biopharmaceutical industry (but not in sales).