Am I sane?

There is thing you should know about me, I live alone abroad from my homeland for studies.

I have just realized that when I am alone in my appartement, le’s say after university, I start talking to myself. When I say talking to myself i really mean talking.

What I mean is that at some moments I could talk out loud and say " Ok, I think that I will turn the heater on" , after for example when I read the news it goes " damn, how these people are stupid, they are wasting their money"
Now these are little examples, but sometimes I go thru long monologues with arguments and counter arguments on specific topic (like my future life).

What fears me the most is that I do not think internally, I talk, like you talk to another person. Sometimes, I concur with myself saying " yeah you are right"
Now my question is simple, am I sane?

I do that and I consider myself sane. If you live alone, it’s common to want to hear another person’s voice, even if you are just talking to yourself. Even to the point of debating with yourself over certain points that affect you and you are not decided on.

I’d only begin to wonder if you scream at yourself, begin to have heated debates or arguments, or decide that you really aren’t talking to yourself, but instead are holding a conversation with someone nobody else can see. Other than that, well, welcome to the wonders of living on your own. :slight_smile:

I am not schizophrenic, but there are two parts of me: One that only thinks about young girls and eating, the other about studying and working in general.

My two parts don’t quite like each other, I try to be reasonnable with both, always a diplomatic solution " Ok damn it, I will go to a friend today, but tomorrow I study and clean the kitchen ! "

MasterChief: Again, dirt common. At least in me. I don’t think there’s any way your collection of behaviors can add up to a mental defect.

I think the common concensus is if you realize what you are doing and if you question it you are completely sane. It’s those that don’t realize it that are a little off.

You’re the human version of a songbird.

So, you’re not insane, but flighty.

I did the same thing when i lived alone for the first time. I was used to living with at least 3 other people at all times, and being by myself was a big thing for my ‘sanity’. I think I talked to my Prince poster once, laughed when i relaized what I had done, then carried on with my life. I think you are perfectly fine!

I do that all the time, and we are completely sane.

is there a free online test people can take to seriously find out if they have mental disorders? not that anyone should base their opinion of their own mental condition on an internet test, just curious.

Not insane, but it does sound like you should get out more. Even if that is just spending study time in the library rather than at home, it can help you not feel issolated.

Well…about the young girls you think about eating. I’d like to hear a litle more about what you have to say about this. How young? Method of cooking? I’ve heard that cannibalism can be bad for your brains.

The voices in my head all say that you’re perfectly sane.

I found that speaking to yourself out loud is a great way to practice foreign languages.

Just say to yourself that you’re attempting to perfect your English.

I have little conversations inside my head but every once in a while i’ll start to talk out loud sometimes without realizing it. Then i catch myself some seconds later doing this and remind myself that I am sane.