Am I stalking? YHO...

Well there is a doper that I’ve kinda crushed on, in the purely virtual sense…

I just found her LiveJournal, read the whole thing, and I’m posting in there, I wrote her to send her a the URL for SDMB since she lost her bookmarks, etc.

And I realized that I could be stalking, unintentionally.

What do you guys think?

No. I do not consider it stalking.

Now, if you were to travel here to my home and leave three roses and a poem on my doorstep and not sign it…then yes, perhaps.shivers

Whew! Well, I’m glad I’m not stalking you then, pretty one. May I ask what happened to make you change your name? And also, if you really dyed your hair Hot Pink?

Its customary to change one’s name…to escape the prying eyes of a stalker.

:d and r:


Hehe, funny Zoggie. :slight_smile:

Actually, I didn’t “change” my name. Ruby Sunbeam was my first name on this board before I ended up making Welfy. I use Ruby Sunbeam because I was at Ray’s and I can never remember the password for Welfy. So no, I’m not escaping anyone.

As for the pink hair, that’s only my wig.

I didn’t figure you would have dyed it that shade… somehow I don’t picture you as much of a Raver type…

Thanks for the reassurance… I’m off to go wait in the bushes outside your window now… :smiley:

Ohh Welfy!!! Its you!!! I feel assuaged now. Mollified, you know.

I’d like to have a stalker one of these days. Apart from you…you know who you are. A male stalker who eventually falls in love wth me like in a fairy tale. (Yes I have twisted ideals…sue me! :p)

Isn’t it illegal to have two user names, though?

Who are you stalking?

Not that I know of. They’ve never taken mine, probably because I don’t abuse the privileges of having two names; besides, I think they’re registered under different email addresses anyway.

Sssh, Gun. We’re hunting Welfies.

I’m going to resist the obligitory joke here about bagging and mounting my Welfy… oh, wait.


::slaps Tristan with a white glove::
For the last time, I don’t love you!.. anymore.
You are to stay at least 5 threads away from me at all times!
Quit leaving me all those wierdo notes and all the rose petals on my bed! Have you been fucking with my online virtual pet??!? You better not have, you fucker! ::looks at his pet:: Oh, togachi, I hope your’e not hurt.
Stay away! :mad::mad::mad:


Think again, Welfy. Having two user names is not permitted at the Straight Dope Message Board. Seeing as how long you’ve been around, I’m amazed that this fact somehow escaped you. Please e-mail immediately, and tell her which user name you’d prefer to keep. And I suggest you don’t wait too long to do so.

Welfy, you know better than this, yes you do.

Pick ONE name and let me know which one you’re going to keep.

Email to follow.

your humble TubaDiva