Am I Stupid?

      • I get these e-mails every now and then, from a fake site claiming to be AOL, telling about how you can go to a site and enter your username and password and get a free month of AOL. I just spent a couple of minutes sending fifteen or so fake usernames and passwords; I’se kinda bored at the moment. (I know I can forward them to tospam but that’s no fun) I don’t know enough about computers to tell if it’s possible to steal my info just by signing onto their site, but sometimes I have changed my password immediately afterwards and other times I forgot; I haven’t heard anything at all, so I guess that they’re asking because they really can’t find out on their own.
  • The thing I can’t quite understand, is that the e-mail ALWAYS has errors in it. Usually there is at least one spacemissing somewhere, and a couple odd Letters capitalized in the middle of sentences. What gives? Who writes these things? If I write a program that will generate random usernames and passwords and transmit them, can I get in trouble for spamming a spammer? - MC

Reading this makes me even gladder I do not use AOL.

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It’s “hackers” looking for passwords to get into AOL or, maybe it’s even someone who knows you personally trying to get into your account for some reason. There was a similar trick used to get Hotmail passwords, where, opening an e-mail would reveal a page that read some akin to “Error, please re-enter your login and password.” It was really just an e-mail that used HTML tags to look like a legitimate Hotmail page.

I’m surprised, I was sure satan used AOL. Of course I thought he sold developed Win98 also.

No, Satan does not use AOL, he just created it.


Yes, Satan is supposed to torment other folks, not himself.

I had NOTHING to do with AOL, thank you very much. Even Satan has his limits of torture to be inflicted upon the unsuspecting masses…

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Satan is just jealous that he didn’t think of it first.

t lion


Stupid is as stupid downloads unsolicited emails. :slight_smile: