Am I the only one who finds the verb "tweeted" to be highly annoying?

It just seems to be getting more and more prevalent, to the point where I’ve been hearing it in serious newscasts now (things along the lines of “<famous person> tweeted that he will be doing <project>” or “A local Japanese family were relieved when relatives in Japan tweeted that they were alive and well” or “The prime minister’s press secretary sent a tweet to verify that the women’s underwear found under his bed were most definitely not his.”)

It’s just a stupid term. I get that the service is called Twitter. Great. I don’t use it, but I get that a lot of people do. But every time I hear “tweeted” I want to kick a baby. Or a bird. Or a baby bird.

Anybody with me?

Nope. To me, it’s slightly amusing, but not annoying. I guess I’m just cheep.

I find your ideas intriguing and would like to subscribe to your newsletter.

That last one doesn’t use “tweeted” - if you’re anti-“tweeted” and anti-“sent a tweet”, what other term do you suggest?

Others may be with you but it’s no sillier to me than googled or dugg.

Pbbbbth. New words get invented as people invent shit.

You posted this to an Internet message board. Half of the words in that sentence were unknown thirty years ago.

** backs slowly offa OP’s lawn **

Consider it’s Twitter it should be “Twittered”

But also remember the location of the OP of this question is

Usually under a cat*

So that sound might annoy the cat and the poster may suffer unduly for it :smiley:

I like it. It’s so genuinely sweet, untwee, that anyone who uses it charms me like a puppy.

Meh. Although I really don’t understand the appeal of Twitter, I don’t think it’s strange that many people do. New service, new word. I’m not about to buggy-whip someone for using the word “tweeted”.

[music] Let’s all text like the birdies text
Tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet, tweet. [/music]

You know, I could get behind “Twittered.” If you look for something using Google, you “google” it. You don’t “geeg” it or “googify” it. Same with Digg–you “digg” it or, in the past tense “dugg” it. I’m fine with those. I really don’t mind made-up internet words. There’s just something about the words “tweeted” or “sent a tweet” coming out of serious people’s mouths that make me cringe. At least “twittered” fits with the name of the service. And doesn’t make you (the editorial you) look quite so much like a twit. :smiley:

My cats, by the way, do not have their own Twitter accounts, nor do they have Facebook pages. I have instructed my spouse to shoot me if I ever set these up for them. :smiley:

Well, what’s the alternative?

To tweet. past tense. Twat?

I know some morons have tried to make text the past tense for to text. They are rightly mocked and ostracized.


“A Japanese family was relieved to discover via the social networking site Twitter (or just “via Twitter”) that their relatives were unharmed” or whatever.

J’ai a twité? :slight_smile: (And yes, I actually heard that on the radio.)

11 minutes late! Of course “twote” is the better alternative.


You mean like “That’s all she twote”?

Twote the raven.

Indeed. (possibly NSFW language)

Correct me if wrong, but I believe Twitter has referred to individual tweets as “tweets” since early on if not day one. Twitter is the name of the service, tweets are the product.

I’ve actually heard people say “twittered” without raising any eyebrows. They’re neologisms, “rightness” doesn’t apply until a right way is established. “Tweeted” sounds a little sillier, but it’s also two characters and one syllable shorter. For a service based on brevity, I can see why “tweeted” would win.

There certainly needs to be a term – it seems to be turning out Twitter really is its own thing, and there’s a reason it has a vocabulary.