So i got on Twitter for the first time in forever.

All my favorite baseball writers do is post and retweet obnoxious political crap now.
(This is the place to post mundane mini rants right??)

I have never really gotten Twitter. I have one and I check it from time to time but nothing really catches my eye for me to be there daily.

Twitter is good for the tiny thoughts that may or may not be: interesting; amusing; cute; philosophically deep; superficially shallow; silly; topical; or, more likely, mundane.

As opposed to Facebook, which is more suitable for long stories and rants, amongst gatherings of family, friends, colleagues, etc.

I’m not on Facebook, I don’t like crowds in real life and Facebook is like a virtual crowd - noisy and claustrophobic, like a sports match, party, or concert. Twitter, to me, feels more like a small gathering of mates in a cafe.

Also, it’s a thrill when a celebrity responds to some dopey thing I say.

I don’t really get twitter. I have one, but prefer Facebook.

As for obnoxious political crap, I was listening to an investment show this evening, and the two hosts (paraphrased here) “If you voted for Hillary or Obama, don’t call in, don’t come to our offices, we don’t want to help you people.”

I don’t get Twitter either. It reminds me of the old “lobby” of AOL chat – 200 zillion micro-babbles that don’t constitue a conversation.

I understand what hashtags are, but not how one learns which ones to use in order to cause one’s own tweets to be picked up by people who don’t already know you.

Meanwhile, there’s an immense universe of tweets out there and I have zero interest in trying to read a random assortment of them, but I don’t have any sense of how to surf the tweetworld and land on the interesting stuff that’s of sufficiently recent origin that it’s a conversation and not a record of a past conversation.

If, , hypothetically speaking, I said something interesting enough for someone to comment on it, and then someone else commented on their comment, I imagine there’s some way to follow all that and see it as a discussion, but I don’t know my way around in there. I think there’s a difference between someone retweeting me, commenting on what I said, or tweeting directly to me like an aimed personal message, but I think I only know how to pick up the latter type.

Good question. If you make a guess, Twitter will suggest some that are trending, and you can choose one of them instead. Otherwise you just have to look and see what others are already using.

People you follow appear in your feed. If you tweet to them, they get a notification, and if they reply it will appear in your feed too, as part of the thread your original tweet began. If a stranger replies to your comment or post, you will get a notification and a different feed to look at, made up only of notifications and replies. Those, and more, are all clickable tabs.

I have a Twitter account, but I’ve only bothered to follow one guy, and that was only because he had his tweets set to only be viewed by followers. In general, I just go to content creators’ pages when I want to see what they’ve done, and I use my account to reply. Or I use it to contact those who use it as how they connect with their fans.

I have no problem subscribing on Reddit or YouTube, or friending or following on Facebook (assuming it’s not anyone that would embarass me in front of my real friends). But I’ve just never gotten into following a bunch of people on Twitter.

If I did, I think I would subscribe to baseball players to read baseball related stuff, so I understand your frustration. Then again, politics is affecting everyone now, so I get why they post it. I didn’t want to here my favorite podcast have a bit of a rant about gun-owning Trump supporters, either. But it’s something that’s affecting the host’s life right now.

I haven’t been on in two weeks. I don’t miss it.

Although I did get into a conversation with William Shatner (or maybe his Twitterboy? Who knows) and that made me a happy Trekker.