I finally gave up on Facebook almost completely. I still have a page and I check it every once in a while to see if anyone has anything interesting to say, other than to let me know that if I don’t share a meme I hate my mom or something. And after actual shit-talking Twitter in the past, I have embraced the 140 characters. Oh, I still get pissed that I can’t prattle on like I’d like to and I feel like I have to punch myself in the face every time I throw in a U for You to save space, but I’m enjoying the format. It makes much more sense to me than Facebook.

So, anyhoo, right now I have 28 followers. Approximately 23 of them are smoking hot babes who want me to subscribe to their websites. Now, I’m not completely up to speed on Twitter protocol, but I was hoping to beg for a few actual real live followers. If that’s not cool … please, someone call me an asshole and I’ll cheese it. If it is cool, I’ll happily share my Twitter handle, as I’m basically bleeding it off here: I am @JQBatty. I don’t float my real name over there, but I do float my real face.

I try to be fairly active but I find myself responding to celebrity Tweets mostly. Every once in a while I Tweet something worthwhile though.


BTW, I’m not trying to hit some number of followers or anything, I’m just sick of feeling like I’m Tweeting to thin air.

I’ve added you (I’m @sandra_nz). I’m a bit of a sporadic tweeter myself!