My one Twitter follower left me :(

Haha. I joined Twitter for the hell of it and started following the comics I hear a lot about on the podcasts I listen to.

I have made 0 tweets.

Out of the blue some comedy duo started following me, despite my 0 tweets.

Within a week they stopped following me.

If they had just waited 6, maybe 7 more months then it’d be payoff in the 'ole gut busting department when I make my first hilarious tweet.

Seriously, is Twitter as unbelievably stupid as it seems? I’m following like 14 comics and all I have to show is background noise that a tv could provide, except it’d read it to me!

I had to join Twitter to sign up for some stupid thing, and have made 0 tweets as well. And I have two followers. Haha. Bow before my superiority.

Some caveman trait makes me envious of you.

I’ve been on Twitter for about six months and have made nearly 800 tweets. I only have 17 followers, though, and a couple of those are probably bots.

Usually my contributions are dull and meaningless and disappear in the miasma, but occasionally they will be a spark of silliness that makes even myself smile, and I get a Retweet. I’ve also been responded to by a few of my favourite celebs, which is a thrill better than buying an autographed photo at a Convention.

There is little point to Twitter, but it has considerable entertainment value.

I’ve been using Twitter for a couple of weeks and I’m pretty much done with it. I’ll still occasionally use it to follow live stuff but other than that…nah.

Oh, and I have 35 followers - but I think most of them are spammers!

I have no clue why anybody is following me, as I only tweet about once every three months. But I have 159 followers. Including Kirstie Alley!!!

Same here, I had to join. I have NO followers. :cool: I follow a few others just to see how Twitter works. I am NOT impressed, what a waste of time.

FWIW, I like Facebook well enough. But Twitter is just silly.

It’s stupid to follow a comic when you consider what they post to be just background noise. Amazingly, you seemed to have done this 14 times. Are you sure you even like comedy? Try following people you actually find interesting.

Do you take everything you read on the internet this seriously?

Well, I’m off to follow more comics.

I like twitter just fine. I’m following some hilarious people, and for some unknown reason, a bunch of people are following me. I’ve posted about three tweets, too. I hate Facebook - it demanded too much of me.

I joined in February (to follow some folks), haven’t tweeted a tweet, and I have 15 followers! Go figure. Any minute now their worlds will be rocked by my profundity (or not).

I tweet a lot: mainly traffic, QA, or diabetes related. I have 7 followers, also either traffic, QA, or diabetes related. The first is my husband.

No South Park fans on this thread? They did an excellent show on this subject.

They did one on Facebook, which was about the desperate competitive need to be “friended”. Twitter isn’t really like that.

Then get ready to make shrines in my memory – I have no idea how one would join Twitter, participate, nor do I care to know. I’m not against it but I meet enough interesting people and bore them to tears in real life to want to do it electronically as well.

PS – totally missed MySpace as well.

I’m pretty sure you were only followed so that you’d see them, and maybe click to see their Twitter, and then wind up following them. In other words, a spam following.

I’ve had the same thing with subscribers on YouTube. The only thing I’ve ever published was a playlist that put a set of reviews in order by topic, because the author didn’t group them that way. And that was for my own benefit, but I thought others might like it too.

Heck, I made a comment about an actress that one YouTuber really liked, and she said she’d subscribe to me. But even she was smart enough to notice that I had nothing worth subscribing over.

So… you guys join Twitter, don’t follow anybody, don’t post anything, don’t look around the site, don’t interact with anyone, and then proudly declare Twitter stupid?

Twitter only makes sense when you follow people and people follow you, meaning you can have a conversation and use it the way it was intended.

That said I joined Twitter with both my blog and a forum I was moderator of (an “internet prescence”, if you will) to provide me with people who would follow me straight away, and then through them I find more and more people to follow and more and more people follow me back.

I don’t blame anyone for thinking Twitter is stupid if their experience of it is having no followers and only following a few accounts.

Well, in my case I’m looking for a job. You have to join Twitter so you can access another site called TweetMyJobs, a job hunting site. That’s the ONLY reason I joined. :o

…which is a defensive way of saying you joined Twitter, don’t follow anybody, don’t post anything, don’t look around the site, don’t interact with anyone, and now proudly declare Twitter stupid.

I mean, feel free to pretend you know everything there is to know about Twitter from a two year old Penny Arcade comic, but don’t be surprised when one of the millions of people who get real, solid, use out of it every day calls you on it.