Am I the only one who has a problem with Darwin Awards?

And the whole god damned pecking party of a world we live in where we applaud the deaths of others because they were “stupid”. Fuck this stupid world! Between this crap and the “you’re lucky I don’t kill you” tolerance a bunch of people expouse, the “personal responsibility sadists” who reap satisfaction from the pain people suffer after making mistakes, it seems like nobody respects human life at all. Everybody hates everybody, so what the fuck’s the point?

My advice: Prozac.

You know, sometimes the way to deal with death and tragedy is humor. Life sucks. Death sucks. Humor, well, doesn’t.

shrugs Sometimes, ya gotta laugh.


My problem is they don’t check to see if the people reproduced. If they already contributed to the gene pool, how can it be a “Darwin Award?”

Oh come on, they serve as a reminder that there is some justice in this world. Spend a day working with idiots, I mean real fucking idiots, the kind of people who are absolutely proud to be morons and somehow manage to fuck up the unfuckable. Just one day with them, and get back to us.

Ya know - a lot of the stories are made up. You know - jokes.

They might have continued to procreate if not selected out.

Well, if people didn’t do really stupid things, then what would we laugh about?

I was just going to say that, alice_in_wonderland. I mean, come on: there’s a bunch of stories about people who said and did things - with no witnesses - just before they were allegedly killed. Many, if not most of the Darwin Awards, HAVE to be made up.

We must have the same boss.

<shrug> It’s funny when people I don’t know hurt or kill themselves in amusing ways, because I don’t know the person, and therefore don’t feel any personal loss at his or her death, and the manner of their dying is ironic or nonsensical.

Argh! Did I say anything about laughing in my OP? I said “applauding”. APPLAUDING. See:

…no, wait, I said “applaud”. Well, still same thing. I have a problem with the applauding, which comes in the form of this:

Darwin Award’s homepage:

See? Sick.

Actually, I think they try and verify some of them. The one I mentioned did happen.

yeah, but I think that’s tounge in cheek. It’s not really an attempt to honor those people who realize they’re too stupid to live. It’s a way to laugh at funny deaths. What you just quoted is a way to give it an air of mock-seriousness.

Plus we’re not talking about little kids getting mowed down by drunk drivers, or soldiers sent off to war. We’re talking about people doing unbelievably stupid things and paying the price for it. What’s being applauded is more the manner of the death than the death itself. And yeah, most of those stories are funny.

You see, life is like an account here at the SDMB. If you’re a jerk or a fucktard, people are happy when you lose it.

i have a problem with the Darwin Awards! My Father welded a rocket engine to his car (this was after someone stole his kidney), and became a stain on a cliff side, so of course he gets listed, but he already had me, so it wasn’t really Darwinian! And on his melted car door, WAS A HOOK!!!

Hate to tell you this Alice but those stories are not made up,I know, I submited one myself last year.
Read in the local newspaper about someone here in Houston Tx who killed himself in a stupid way (guy parked on railroad tracks to scare girlrfriend who he was fighting with,train came,she jumped out of car, he tried and failed to start car in time to move it,train converts car to scrap metal and guy to Darwin Award candidate).
Posted story and link to newspaper article on the Darwin Awards website.


So, Dad worked for the ACME corporation, did he?

LIONsob, dude, my friend.

Just because SOME of the stories are real, doesn’t mean they ALL are.

At least 75% of the stories on the page say “Unverified by Darwin”, meaning they’re faux.

There is a real story on there from these parts too - a guy sent himself down a comercial garbage chute into the incinerator for fun, according to his buddys. Can I believe this? Sure. Can I belive that somehow some guy managed to sever his own arms, legs and head with a chain-saw? No, sorry.