Am I the only one who has a problem with Darwin Awards?

I think you’re taking the Darwin Award ‘mission statement’ a bit too seriously. They’re meant to be funny. And –

“Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.”

          - George Bernard Shaw

I remember two news stories from when I lived in Seattle, WA

First was a gentleman who was celebrating the Fourth of July with M-80s. But he needed one hand to use the lighter, and of course he couldn’t set his beer down, so he would hold this explosive device in his mouth to light it. You can figure out what happened. Classic Darwin canidate.

The other is one I wish had made himself a canidate before he did what made the news. Dropping cinderblocks off an overpass onto a freeway. One of his drops was timed just right to go through the windshiled of a car, and killed the dirver. His whiney statement after his arrest was along the lines of “I didn’t KNOW that could happen.”

I don’t go to the website much, but someone gave me one of the books for my Christmas. In it, a lot of the stories are labeled as not eligible because the person already had children. Similarly, a lot of them were ineligible on account of never having happened. The rocket-car story alluded to by Tars was one of those.

Sorry, pizzabrat, but I had a very beloved relative die a very stupid death and I still laugh about it. The stupid fuck couldn’t figure out if his lawn mower was out of gas and he couldn’t see into the gas tank. Lucky he had a lighter on him, huh?:stuck_out_tongue: I mean, none of us thought he was retarded. He just had us fooled for 30 years.

Then there was this neighbor we had when I was a kid. He stored some kind of poison in an empty glass soda bottle and forgot he did so. He drank some of it, and being too stuborn to admit he was stupid:DIED!:stuck_out_tongue:

Come on! Last summer I was screwing around with a spark plug wire on my car while it was running!:eek: The jolt I got damn near threw me across the yard! Had I died from doing something that fucking stupid I hope someone would get a giggle out of it!

I agree with pizzabrat. The Darwin Awards are fucking patronising. If anything, ALL deaths are comical because we can’t control them. A spreadeagled corpse is very humorous. People who are hanged usually shit their pants – ha ha, very funny. Sorry, no. ANY death for that very reason must be honoured and wept over.

By all means laugh about the death of a loved one but people you know nothing about, who suffer horribly before they die and whose memory is forever after associated with ridicule – cry for them. Their lives were wasted simply because of the manners of their deaths. They’re forever branded as ‘stupid’ because of how they died.

That’s for the people that really DID die, of course. Otherwise the Awards are chockful of ULs and unsubstantiated news stories.

FWIW, I don’t find them particularly funny. I usually delete those forwarded emails from coworkers with the latest rounds of Darwin candidates.

My sense of humour is well-intact, but I don’t find anyone’s death humorous. Not footage of US Marine POWs with bullet holes in their foreheads, not a story of some poor drunk sod who blew himself up. Geez, these people had families.

OTOH, doesn’t bother me if other people find it funny. Whatever rocks your boat.

No, that doesn’t mean that they are faux. They could all be true and still be unverified.

Y’know, I watched “Weekend At Bernies” last night, and cried like a baby. I mean, he was a real man, with a real job, and real friends. What kind of dignity is that for a man, no matter how dead, to be dragged around a beach house by his two

And I’ll never look at the Monty Python Dead Parrot sketch in the same way again. I mean… that… poor… parrot (sob).

Death is a staple comedy element. Self-inflicted death in bizarre and stupid circimstances, is sometimes funny. That’s why the Darwin Awards is so successful. Sure it’s sad, but come ON. He lit a match to look inside the gas tank! If the person in this post who has the most reason to mourn (sorry pkbites) can raise a wry smile, surely you can?

No Man is an Island - Every man’s death diminishes me. But on the other hand, Comedy is tragedy plus distance.

Go on… chuckle. Just once. And see the humour.

Now to find the bastards who killed Cock Robin. Murderers.

Whistling past the graveyard. The thing that gets me about Darwin awards and the such is the serendipitous aspect. Sure, some of them are unique displays of stupidity, but most of the time, it’s a matter of someone having slightly less luck.

We’ve all done stupid things in our lives, with quite a few of them having the potential to be fatal. But we usually get away with it. The difference between the successful jaywalker and a “news of the weird” subject is often just some unnoticed miniscule detail, such as timing.

All I can say is that if the Darwin Award nominee already had children, at least he/she limited their contribution to the gene pool by their timely death.

Oh fucking grow up. Someone hanging themselves to commit suicide and someone unintentionally hanging themselves because they wanted to show how strong a rope is are two different things. I’m going to laugh at the second one, because its stupid. Dumb. Lacking of intelligence.

I’m also going to laugh at you if, in your fit of self-righteous rage, you hit your head on your monitor yelling at the screen and your lifeless skull posts 63 billion double posts until the paramedics pry you off the keyboard.*

Cause that’s funny.

I won’t be happy if you happen to kill the hamsters with all your double posts, though. Cause that’s not funny.

See the difference?
*statement intended for anyone who doesn’t think stupid people killing themselves isn’t funny. Go stick a fork in a socket to check the fuses or something.

Ok, we’re all refusing to read, I see. I never even said I had a problem with laughing, and yet, people are starting to wish death upon me for it. What the hell is wrong with people? You’re sadists.

Sure some of the accounts are far out into space, but with the billions of idiots that surround me, I’m not surprised at all.

This guy claims the legend may have started from a stunt he and his high school buddies pulled. Not sure if I believe him (or disbelieve him), but it’s a good story.

pizza, get a grip- seriously. Your last few pit threads have just been ridiculous and make you sound like a hysterical teenager. If you don’t like the Darwin awards, don’t read them. If you’re going to go into a rage over something that you don’t like (that no one is forcing you to read), you’ll be dead at 25 of a heart attack. Relax already. Take a walk or something.

The more I read on the net, the more I’m left shaking my head in disbelief.

Are there really this many serious, intense people out there?!? Lighten up…


pizzabrat, you’re not the only person who has a problem with the Darwin Awards. “Removing inferior material from the gene pool?” Yeah, eugenics is hysterical. That Hitler guy was a riot.

I’m sure some people just read the Darwins to laugh at the ironic circumstances of some people’s deaths, which I guess is no different from laughing at any dark humor. But there are plenty who read them to assuage their own deep-seated feelings of inferiority. These people are usually obnoxious pricks, and pointedly not any smarter than anyone who has died in one of the Darwin page’s featured freak accident. I feel sorry for them more than anything else.

Hey I did that a few years ago myself. Boy does that hurt! :wally I know now to never play with the car while it is running, and I did have a good reason to do it as well, my distributor cap was giving me problems so I pulled on the wire to get it to set right. Heck I laughed about it after my hair sat down! :smiley:

Sarcasm and humor have always been used when discussing danger and death. Make you think that your a little less mortal. Besides, some people really deserve a good mocking and killing themselves shouldn’t deprive us of feeling less likely to die stupidly ourselves. But that’s just my opinion.

As far as the its all fake department, not really. This stuff happens all the time. Check this recent story out if you don’t believe me:

Ouch!! :eek: When was that a good idea?

There is something about autoerotic electrocution that is inharently funny.

The quest for bigger, better, stronger orgasms has claimed many lives throughout the years.