This is why there are darwin awards

I recently took a Safety Officer course and during the course the instructor showed some videos of accidents during the breaks. I looked some of them up online when the course was over.

This one is of a kid that was trying to knock another kid on a bike over with a car door. What disturbed me more than the dickishness of what he was doing was the comments on the youtube page. A lot of people said stuff like “Hah! He got what he deserved!” and “Hope he died!” etc. Really? Geez, the kid was being an asshole, but if you watch the video he probably DID die. If not he really was fucked up. Kissing a bumper at what…about maybe 25 or so MPH? Its not something you walk away from. (I wonder what did happen to the kid)

This second video though? I can’t feel sorry for the kid. What kind of moron wakes up and says “You know what would be kewl? Wearing a banana suit and setting myself on fire!”.

and this one…which I found amusing…is a joke. The mouse in the trap wasn’t real, and neither is the product advertised. Yet people wrote about how they would boycott the company because of cruelty to animals.

It’s pretty sad that that dork is so desperate for attention that he would do something like that. I’m curious as to whether or not he learned his lesson. If not, I sure hope he has friends to video tape it!!

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That first one is amazing. I was laughing at first - “What a shithead!” Then I saw them replay it - Oh my effing god! Talk about rotten timing!

The cheese one is just creepy.


How do explain that in the ER?
Doctor: How did you get these 3rd degree burns?"
Dork: “Well, I thought it make a really kewl youtube video if I wore a banana suit and set myself on fire.”

His parents should be ashamed.


I have no sympathy for the little fucker that kissed a bumper at 25 mph. Why? Because getting hit by a passing car door going at 25 mph while on a bike is pretty much just as bad.

I’d say karma equivalence was nearly perfect that day.

Well, I DO have sympathy for him and his friends being stupid enough to think it was a good idea. But the risk level of what they got was no greater than the risk they were willing impose on somebody else.

It would be double funny if the kid’s name was Foster.

Along the same line is this kid. I know his family. Yes, the parents are ashamed. My son first saw the video on Revenge of the Show. He ran to us and said, “Did you see what X did?” After watching it we called the mom and asked her about it. She sighed and said, “Yeah, we know. He was grounded for it. I don’t know if I should be happy he wasn’t hurt or scared that he is still capable of passing on his stupidity to another generation.”

After a bit of annoying searching, the kid in the first video’s name is then-14-year-old Matt “Mullet” Lakes. He survived but was hospitalized for quite awhile at the University of Chicago Children’s Hospital.

He wasn’t trying to hit the cyclist with the car door. The kid on the bike was a friend of his. It was an ongoing joke to slap each other on the back of the head with their hand when they pass each other (I assume on foot) and when he saw the opportunity to do it from a car, he went for it. :rolleyes:

Mullet couldn’t reach because the window doesn’t go all the way down, so he opened the door to reach out more. The kid on the bike pulled in closer to the car to avoid the parked one and the door bumped the bike’s seat which is how Mullet lost his balance, fell, and ate car bumper.

Thats not much better. He had a stupid idea to do something dangerous that was risky to his friend. Instead, he ended up hurt, being exposed to the same risk level he was willing to expose his friend to.

I’'ll give the kid some credit for not being a complete ass like it first appears. But still, do something dangerouss and stupid to a friend and the friend really gets hurt when things go awry. Or try to do something dangerous and stupid to a friend and the perp gets hurt when things go awry. I have no trouble deciding which of those is the better outcome.

No kidding. When I was a kid, if my parent found out I was even thinking about doing something that stupid I wouldn’t have had to worry about falling out of a car, they would have just executed me proactively!

While its good to know the kid wasn’t being a mean ass jerk, but only doing a jokey thing he did with his friend, it was still a really dumb idea. After looking myself I see that he wasn’t killed and I guess he isn’t really badly disfigured. Still, as you say, if I had done this at his age and my parents found out (assuming I didn’t eat the bumper) they would have gone nuclear.

the banana suit kid is a different story. Seriously, I want to know what kind of idiot thinks of stuff like this? Just like the fire pants fat kid video posted above. Why? Do we no longer teach kids fire safety? Are they unaware that fire is well, HOT? I won’t pretend I didn’t do dumb things as a kid…but around age 13 to 14 I started to realize “You know, if I open a car door while the vehicle is in motion it could end up being somethingI’ll really really regret…”. Actually I think I knew that earlier in age. Still, I probably did a few really stupid things like that.

But setting myself on fire purposely? Thats a whole new level of stupid. Its orders of magnitude over stupid. What the F? Think about it…would you let your friends video you while you poured flammable liquid on yourself and set yourself on fire just to be cool? Would you? Why not? Now think about any reason you may have to say NO to that. Are any of them beyond the reasoning power of anyone over the age of five?

On top of that, you have to wonder: Did he say to himself “A banana! Of course! Simple in concept, yet, wondrous in execution! Ha! And…fire! Yes, of course, fire!”
Oh, and thenexplaining to his parents why he did it.

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I’m sure it was more like

“What do we do with the leftover Halloween costume. I’m never going as a banana again. Hey, it says it is flame retardant! That means I can douse it with lighter fluid and it won’t hurt! Right? I’m pretty sure that’s what that means. Well, only one way to find out.”

Now if he had screamed “The banana outfit, it does nothing!” I would secretly admire him.

I always laugh when I watch this one.

The Cheese one ROCKED!

May be my sense of humour, but I thought it was really quite clever.

I guess you probably don’t find this* funny either

*No cats were harmed in the making of this commercial, and Ford neither scripted it / created it nor authorised it for release.

I knew a guy back in uni that doused himself in (lighter fluid? I don’t remember) and lit himself on fire with the intention of riding this tiny bike into the pool at our apartment complex. So he lit himself on fire and started to peddle, and of course the chain broke. So he, with the tiny bike tangled between his legs, ended up having to hobble/fall as fast as he could into the pool. Fuckin hilarious, but definitely in the “look at that fucking moron being a fucking moron” sort of funny

I saw that one a few years ago and thought it was hilarious.

I know thats a Simpsons quote, but I can’t remember who said it or why.

Rainer Wolfcastle in the Radioactive Man movie episode. “The googles, they do nothing!”

Goggles, they do nothing (for those who aren’t big huge dorks like me and Rysto)