Not another Jackass incident...!


Teen burns friend making own ‘Jackass’

Not a-fucking-gain. I don’t think the problem is Jackass. I think it’s a matter of kids not being able to FUCKING READ THE WARNINGS at the beginning and end of each episode telling them not to do this stuff on their own. Or them not caring what happens to them, or what anyone tells them. Or not thinking about what might happen. Or thinking, period.

And what the fuck is up with this?

Collin Gaffney being the one who burned his friend. Well, hallelujah, lady: YOUR kid’s not the one who got hurt! Glad to see you have your priorities in order.

On a side note, why are the kids’ names mentioned in the story? Usually that doesn’t happen.

Isn’t pouring boiling water on somebody an assault. Maybe a little stint in a juvie facility would wake that kid up.

One does not need to be told not to throw boiling water on someone else. Warnings are not an issue here. Absolute stupidity is. Don’t even try to give an excuse, imbecile (the kid, not Rilchiam).

I saw the videotape the kid made as he pulled the “prank”. :mad:
It was pre-meditated, and I can’t believe that he didn’t realize it would harm his friend. He didn’t understand that if it would burn him, it would burn his friend? :dubious: That’s bullshit, and I hope he gets a harsh punishment.

All I can say is, I hope he’s MADE to watch a video of the daily care process of his burns. I hope he’s made to hear a description of the daily pain, and I hope he’s MADE to run his fingers on the scar, then try to look his friend in the eye and say “I was only kidding” ! " Seethe

:eek: What really frightens me, is that these kids will grow up, and will “be in charge” one day. These beings, who cannot comprehend that others have feelings of any kind, and that they are worthy of respect. They take every little thing personally. I’ve heard anecdotal testimony as to this, and an equally alarming trend in the youth in this region at least. This person works in a middle school, (there are 16 year olds in these 6th and 7th grade classes) and she says that now, if you even accidentally brush a student, it’s “just cause” for a viscious physical assault because “You did that on purpose!”. :eek: shiver :frowning:

At the turn of the century, teens weren’t tying each other to the railroads because the villian in the movies did it. Somewhere between then and now, kids lost some (nearly all) common sense. I really think it’s because of moron parents who do a piss-poor job of teaching their children to use their God given common sense.

I’m going to sound much older than I am, but look at what kids are doing today: murder, rape, robbery, kidnapping, Columbine. They can display a total disregard for others. “I’m the only one that matters, and fuck everybody else” seems to be the motto of the past few generations. Couple that with the lightened justice system and the tangled web of red tape one has to sheild themselves from responsibility, and people can get away with whatever they want.

I’m not going to totally absolve Jackass here, though. I think something in the low-end (high profit) production values of the show clearly show these stunts are real and that the morons who do them live to talk about it with no serious repercussions. Any moron with his mom’s camcorder can make a Jackass knock off that looks authentic. That’s a pretty big temptation I think.

I have NO sympathy every time I see one of these morons break their necks skateboarding over a huge rail, or getting hit by a car. Every other species has a method of natural-selection; we’ve lost ours. The Buffalo who runs off the cliff dies, those smart enough to not follow live. The stupid get eliminated for the betterment of the race. Some moron leaps off a bridge and hits the ocean at 70 mph and we rush to save him. As far as I’m concerned, if you can’t see that leaping off a bridge wasn’t a smart thing to do, you don’t deserve to live.

Last week, I read a story that the US government wanted to Tax fat people (or fast food, something of that nature) because obesity is a choice that leads to ill health and strains the health system. We’ll rush to save some fucktard who busted his skull doing something patently dangerous though. WTF?!?!

[Bill Hicks]

So the world lost another idiot. Fuck him[/Bill Hicks]

I realise the kid didn’t die but I will take any opportunity to mention Bill.

The idiot here is the kid who threw scalding water onto another, sleeping kid. Not the one who got burned.

How do you know that for sure? No really, I’m serious. I think part of it is that we hear about this stuff a lot more with national news; you might not have heard about some random stupid teenager pulling some stunt halfway across the nation from you back then.

I’ve heard plenty of tales from grandparents and other relatives about pulling dangerous stunts - trying to jump out of the hayloft into a big pile of hay at the bottom of the barn (missing = broken bones or worse), climbing the silo as a little kid, taking the tractor out for a joyride and nearly tipping it over in a ditch, racing across a railroad bridge hoping to beat the train, and so on.

Yes, I agree to a certain extent Ferret Herder. I agree that stupid stunts have been done through uncountable generations. However, I think that the previous generations were better grounded in reality than the youth of today.

The current trends seem to indicate that not only do the youth today not realize that doing these things may bring serious harm, but they don’t seem to be able to grasp the concept that other beings can feel too, and so they should take care to do no harm when interacting with them. :frowning:

The youth today really don’t seem to understand that what they see done on television or in the movies is not something that they can do in RL. They can not distinguish between fanstasy and reality as well now. They don’t realize how much behind the scenes “magic” goes into making the stunts look so “good”. Look at the recent spate of “Matrix” crimes for example. :eek:

Would anyone advocate that these “dangerous” shows which seem to influence the not-so-bright to do dangerous things be taken off the air?
For the public safety?

Fuck, kids are stupid these days.

I put the blame squarely on the parents. Either teach your fucking kids or keep your goddamn legs crossed and don’t have any. I’ve seen too many lackadaisical parents lately to think it could be anything else.

The “Matrix crimes” that I’ve seen anything about were by a 19-year-old and a 37-year-old, who by any standards should be competent enough to understand the difference between movie magic and reality:,2933,87414,00.html

The previous “Jackass” stunt that I read about involved older teenagers jumping into a pool from a condo roof; one hit the side of the pool and shattered his legs and hips. He’s 18 years old and [is being charged with trespassing]( sfl-521jackassjump,0,7693379.story?coll=sfla-news-florida). I think 18 is old enough to realize that you could do something like that as well.

Age isn’t an excuse, I don’t think. IMO, we just have the means to broadcast nationally/internationally the results whenever one of these braintrusts fucks up. The ones that hit the airwaves in a big way are the ones you can get an “angle” on - the Glenbrook North incident was “(Rich) Girls Gone Wild”, and then there’s anything that ties into a big movie/TV show (Jackass, Matrix). I haven’t seen the recent home invasions-turned-parties in the Chicago suburbs hitting the news big, even though these parties (while the residents were on vacation) resulted in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage and stolen property at each of the 3 locations involved. I guess no one discovered a good “hook” to sell that story outside of this area yet.

Ok, change the quoted statement to read “Many people, primarily youths etc.”

I agree that media are covering the “biggest” stories to increase veiwers.

I still believe that the populace today (I mean largely people under 30, but there are exceptions to this) is not as firmly grounded in reality as in the past century.

(Bolding mine)

…kind of his point, don’t ya think? They SHOULD know better…why don’t they? If 19-37 year old are acting like this, what are they showing A) Kids who watch a ‘grown up’ behave like that or B) Their own kids??

Probably so…but there is no denying the severity of disregard adolescents show today compared to past generations. Leaping off a hay loft?? Sure then it was probably a big deal. Trying to standing-jump over a moving car coming right at you (The first Jackass copycat injury I read about a year or so back) is pretty different. Aside from that, my point was more directed toward the fact that moron parents who fail to teach their stupid little kids these values, and respect for others open the door for behaviour that becomes far worse (see rape, murder, robbery…)
“taking the tractor out for a joyride and nearly tipping it over in a ditch” is far different than a high-speed, multi-state police pursuit that ends in a spectacular crash, injuring or killing bystanders.

A much more concise version of my original point. Thank you, QED.

Here we get into sticky territory. I want to say ‘No’. Just because these morons can’t ‘watch & not do’, doesn’t mean the rest of us should be banned from watching. That’s why it’s so important that people learn and pass on to their kids one simple fundamental: “Do what makes you happy, as long as you’re responsible about it, and it doesn’t intrude on others”.

Personally, I don’t watch Jackass (but I have seen the movie). But I’d hate to think our society is dictated by the incredibly stupid.

Besides, if we all had a touch more respect for the person next to us, and had a better grip on right vs. wrong (things a first-grader is supposed to learn) there would be a lack of material like the stuff seen in Jackass, and what remains would be far less influential.

All in all, parents, teachers and authority figures in general have let the rest of us down, and we all have to endure the shit that comes out the other end.

Well, along with the advances in news broadcasting these days, we also have advanced technology in other areas as well. My grandparents (on one side at least) were born in the early part of this century, so they couldn’t have done any high-speed, multi-state police pursuits at the time. Tipping a tractor over on someone can kill, though, as can missing the hay (or not piling enough up) when you jump, mistiming your race across a railroad bridge, or falling off a tall silo. People these days have access to more spectacular/dangerous things - better guns, faster cars, taller buildings - plus video cameras to record their stunts on, tapes of which get sent out to TV stations around the country when it goes awry.

Basically, I just don’t think we can blame all of this on TV, or the parents - I think there’s a certain level of “thrill seeking” in people that leads some of them to do occasionally moronic stuff, as well as a certain level of cruel behavior. In this particular case, I think the mom’s reaction is indicative that maybe the parenting is to blame, though.

That page seems to have been pulled. Was that the same as this MSNBC story?

Seems to me this goes along with your “thrill seeking” post and some parents just want to place the blame on something other than their kids.

Yeah, same case. That’s odd, I just grabbed that link this morning.

I do think poor parenting has a ton to do with it (though not always), but I’m really not certain that it’s unique to this day and age.

Kids have been doing dumb, dangerous things ever since there were dumb, dangerous things to do. I bet shortly after the first Schwinns came off the line, some kid decided to be a daredevil and jumped his bike off a ramp. Then came skateboards. The only difference these days is we have hand-held camcorders and shows like “Jackass” and “Real TV” to provide a target for people who want to find something to blame.