Am I the only one who hates the way Facebook works?

I have no problem with the concept of Facebook, but the execution baffles me.

It just seems that Facebook is set up in a way that runs counter to my every intuition. I’m not a computer geek, but I do use computers every day. And somehow, without fail, every time I try to do anything at all on Facebook, it either doesn’t work or I can’t tell whether or not it worked. I know there’s always a learning curve, but it just seems weird that Facebook appears so user-hostile to me… like it was designed by people whose brains work differently or something. Does anyone else have this problem, or am I just a total weirdo?

I’m unclear exactly what you’re talking about.

Nope, I had a similar reaction to the android OS and the android store. Give an application access to make and receive phone calls?!? Are you crazy! And every free game and app is like that, and no one cares.

I’m not computer illiterate, but the new paradigms of use are unsettling.

I hate that it sorts posts by “top stories” whatever the hell that means rather than “most recent”. I can change it but it always seems to default back to “top stories”.

I hate how fb makes it so easy for someone to impersonate you but so hard to get them off…

I’m also unsure what the OP is talking about. Maybe he could give an example?

Because, for example, when I want to post a status, I write it out and press the button marked “post.” It’s simple enough.

Not the OP, but here are some examples:

Both desktop and mobile (iPhone)

I’d like to use a photo from one of my FB photo galleries as my profile picture. Can’t find a way to do that. Can’t find a way to move the photo from the gallery where it is into “profile photos”. Can’t find any reason that only photos in “profile photo” gallery should be usable as profile photo. Killing posts from game apps requires use of invisible buttons.

FB iPhone App: No way to add a second photo to a post, or photo to comment on someone elses post. No way to have URL links display in Safari rather than FB app. Many blog sites work correctly in Safari, but not FB App. Cut and paste is disabled in FB app, so can’t cut’n’paste URL into Safari. “Pinch-zoom” doesn’t work in FB app.
These are just off the top of my head. I totally agree with the OP, that FB is completely non-intuitive and ignores most existing GUI norms.

Whatever tasks the OP is trying to do, yes I find FB difficult to use. It’s not that good for novices, especially with the new layout it’s very offputting. I was a novice user before but I could understand a push-down newsfeed with newer stuff at the top. Now I don’t know what the hell they are doing with the page layout.

In iOS: Go to the photo in question. Click on the picture. See in the top right, a rectangle with an arrow flying out of it? Click that. Select “Make Profile Picture”.

On desktop: Go to a photo. Go to “Options”. Select “Make Profile Picture”.

Only pictures you’ve made your profile are in that gallery.

In the Facebook app, there’s a box in the top right with an arrow flying out of it. Click that, and select “open in Safari”.

It’s Facebook, not the Pentagon - go ahead and click all the buttons you want so you can figure out what they do, you’re not going to blow anything up.

I noticed on my mom’s older computer (~2006 Dell) that Facebook isn’t as “smooth” as my newer (2011) computer. They added a lot of Ajax features to the site which means a lot of real-time updating and if your computer’s GPU (graphics) is very out of date and/or slow, Facebook can be a bit of a pain.

Sort of sounds like that’s what the OP is talking about. To people with up-to-date or at least powerful machines, Facebook runs nice and smooth and automated-like. But if your machine is sort of old then there’s a lag in everything you do and it adds a lot of confusion.

Oh, OK. In fact, I agree about looking at photos slows my computer down. To the point I need to restart it.

I’m a bit ashamed to because it will probably make it painfully clear what a dolt I am. But… here goes. The first time I tried to comment on something, I was at a total loss after typing my comment, because there was no button saying anything like “Submit”. Someone had to tell me that you just hit “Enter”. It never occurred to me to try that… I was typing text; I assumed that hitting “Enter” would simply be like hitting the carriage return on a typewriter.

Some of it is just wording. Like the “Find Friends” button. To me, “find” suggests searching for someone rather than simply going to the page of a person you’ve already friended. Also, being as old-fashioned and non-Facebooky as I am, I was thinking of the word “friends” in terms of “real-life friends”, e.g., old school chums, rather than “Facebook friends”. So I thought the button meant something like “search for an old school chum”.

The thing that finally made me start this thread was something that happened today. I see that I have 3 pending family tree requests. So I take a look and I see the first one says “1 person added you as family but you haven’t yet replied. See who it is and add him/her as relative!” The accompanying button says “Accept”, which makes me a bit nervous, as it sounds like clicking it will add the person as a relative, which I don’t know if I want to do because I don’t know who it is yet. But I click it anyway. I get a screen that lists people who are already in my family and others who aren’t, but I don’t see anything about “who it is” who added me as family; all I see is an “Add Family” button. So I pick one person from the latter group who is a family member and put a check next to them, and hit “Add Family”. And it generates a message to that person plus everyone else in my family list… which I eventually figure out is because all those people already had checks next to their names (which I didn’t put there). So I’m sort of OK now, except that I still have no idea who it was who generated the request in the first place.

OK, a lot of this is the usual learning-curve stuff and it’s pretty petty. But it just seems to be all like this, and I don’t seem to have this problem with other sites… really I don’t, you must believe me!!! (pant pant)

Well, the Family Tree is a 3rd party application, so yeah - you should be nervous about clicking on it, because it’s likely spam.

I miss the days when people had to actually type what they wanted to say. Now they just “like” or “share”, those annoying texted pictures.

I just found out this week, (thanks *Chick-fil-A!,) that if you “like” a picture, it shows up on your friend’s feed. Why even make like and share, separate options?
**** The bad news - I lost some conservative friends. The good news - the remaining ones are praying for me, so maybe I’ll hit the Lotto soon. :smiley:

That’s not quite true. Friends see a selection of your activities, depending on their settings and on your settings. Liking something is an activity, so is sharing but they have different weighting and settings.

What I hate most about the newer Timeline layout is how it alternates posts side to side. The human brain doesn’t work that way (at least mine doesn’t; it wants to just go straight down). Why not put wall posts on the left and check ins, photos etc. on the right?

Great example! And to make matters worse and more non-intuitive, there are some sections of Facebook where hitting Enter IS like hitting the carriage return on a typewriter, and you have to find the correct button to click. Sending a Message works like that, last I checked.

So I said Missy a Message and I hit Enter to send it and it doesn’t work and I hunt up a button. Then I see something she posted and make a Comment and want to write more than one line so I hit Enter to create a new paragraph and…whatever the second thing I wanted to say was, it’s now not there, because I hit Enter which it takes to mean Submit.

And yes, every single time my SO wants to change his Profile picture, he’s got to ask me how to do it, because he can’t remember. And I can’t, either, so I’ve got to open my own profile and look around to remember that, unlike every other website ever, in order to make a picture your profile, you ignore that picture and fiddle with the one you don’t want to be your profile. Stupid.

Also getting to your friends list takes several clicks. And when I (rarely) want to send a message, I’m never sure whether its public or private. A lot of my problem is inexperience, but I am a programmer and I can say its certainly not intuitive.

I’m not sure what you were doing wrong, but the “Find Friends” button does almost exactly what you thought it should do. It takes you to a menu set up to help you search Facebook for people you know in real life (e.g. people who went to your same high school) but who are not yet your friends on Facebook, and also suggests possible real life friends based on how many mutual Facebook friends you have.

I use Facebook a lot - but there are quite a lot of things I don’t like. The interface has settled down a bit recently, but for a while, they kept on changing where things were and how they worked. I still haven’t switched to Timeline.

I pretty much hate all these social apps that want to install themselves, then post on my wall as if they’re me - and block app postings from others when I see them, especially games - I wish there was a way to block app postings by default - I’m interested in what my friends say themselves, but not inane updates from apps and ‘social reader’ things.