Facebook, what drugs are you on?

You really need to lay off the psychoactives, or at least reduce the dosage. Quit mixing whatever you’re mixing while you’re at it.

You might be stunned to know that not everyone uses your site on a phone (which, BTW, REALLY sucks), so forcing a more phone-like look on all users instead of allowing options is not a good thing. Screwing with my settings to opt me into emails for all the zillion things you want to tell me about each day, VERY not cool. Signups for email notifications need to be opt-OUT.

I just got a message saying that they were removing the old layout in September, and then it forced me to use the new one. I immediately reset it to the old one. I absolutely loathe forced “upgrades.”

Even if it’s any good (and this one is NOT), I do not enjoy being forced into “upgrades” like this.

New FB looks like it thinks I’m a toddler with my very first interface.

I don’t think it has that much respect for the user’s abilities.

FB has bigger problems to worry about than a stupid lay out change.

For starters: Fix the center type. Give us more backgrounds to work with. And oh yeah, stop making it impossible to get back to a thread you were reading. Especially in groups.

I don’t know how valid this is, but this page says that 79.2% access Facebook via a mobile phone, 19.1 via a mobile phone or a computer and only 1.7% via only a desktop or notebook computer. So assuming the data is correct, the mobile users are in the majority and it makes sense for the sites to cater to them.

And a multi-billion dollar corporation can’t hire good enough programmers to give the user a choice in the matter? Or at least people who didn’t get their design aesthetic from Mattel or Fisher-Price?

Good grief. Thanks for mentioning the damned notifications. I just went in and turned them all off, as well as going back to the “classic” interface. I ain’t changing till I’ve got no choice at all.

I really don’t like the new one. I hope the Social Fixer can do something about it. Apparently FB redid all its code. :frowning:


I usually use it on a computer. I use Metal for Facebook if I have to view it on my phone. But, damnit, it should be possible to detect if you’re using phone or computer and use the appropriate interface. Lots of sites do that already.

Facebook seems to be on the “fuck you; we’re so big we can do whatever we want” drug; in addition to whatever cosmetic changes they’re making to Facebook itself, there’s this:

How do I reset it?

True; Wikipedia has both a mobile and a desktop interface.

I would be very surprised if those who use Facebook on their phones would be using the website and not one of the official apps. Plus I’d expect Facebook to want you to use the app since it gets them a lot more data, e.g. your contact info. And people are less likely to have installed a phone-wide adblocker than a browser-only one.

Though personally I don’t don’t think it looks like a good phone app, either. They had a good mobile version, the one at m.facebook.com that automatically was used if you’re on mobile. It even works okay on desktop if you have a slow connection. The new version is just tons of whitespace, which is worse on smaller screens.

Look on the top line. At the far right is a down arrow that give you a drop-down menu where you can change it.

I am amazed that nobody has mentioned the most obvious solution to all problems related to facebook. Delete your account.
It’s the layout that is bothering you about facebook? Really?

I was wondering how soon someone would make that asinine suggestion.

I mainly use Facebook so I can see photos of my nieces and nephews and keep up with my family. Being very distant from them, that’s important to me.

I am well aware of other problems with Facebook.

I do not need facebook to keep contact with many friends. It is more work, but not being on facebook is not asinine. You just have to make more of an effort.
Donkeys are stubborn, so perhaps it is asinine in a positive way.

Well good for you. But you don’t have to be a pompous holier-than-thou ass about it.

I’m on FB largely for the fan groups of favorite authors (or the author’s own pages), the many, many cat rescues and pages full of unbearable cuteness, and for the disapproving Corgis. My neighborhood also has a group, which is useful for exchanging news.

It’s a convenient aggregator, I’ve got as much locked down as I possibly can, and I can bitch about whatever I choose.

Mr/s. Superior can go take a hike. And given that this is the first time I’ve even noticed them, I think I’ll enforce that from my point of view.