Am I the only one who knows how to pull down a goddamned statue?

For fuck’s sake! You’ve got a rope around Saddam’s neck, you’ve got a winch wire tied to it.

Pull the fucking rope around his neck and the end of the wire will come back to you, you fucking idiots!

Shit, do I have to come over there and reap the fruits of victory myself? I’ll do it, you know.

Going, going… They finally made it.

Watching here in the newsroom in Austin, TX.

Looks like they finally figured it out.

9:49:59 a.m., he hit the ground.

9:50:01, the first person jumped on his head.

Took long enough, but damn…pretty amazing hour and fourty minutes to watch.

I’ll remember this one for a while.

It’s times like this I miss working in TV news myself.

This has to be the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. :slight_smile:

Very emotional. I liked that it broke at the knees and pulled off in pieces. Seeing people celebrating and dancing/stomping on it was fantastic.

If it hadn’t been so dangerous to let them pull the statue down themselves, I think it would’ve been a very empowering gesture to let the Iraqis topple him.

(And yes, I know the newscasters said the same thing, but I actually did think of it before they did.)

What do all the war bemoaners think of the giddy Iraqis jumping up and down on the statue of Saddam?

Channels Bagdad Bob, who was last seen skedadling Bagdad in a limo last night

“Those are not Iraqis! Those are extras in a Hollywood set!” “That was a stature of the Evil bastard Bush!” “Bagdad is quiet and the bodies of dead bastard pigdog americans litter it’s outskirts!” Just ask my girlfriend." “Oh, I forgot.” “She lives in Canada so you can’t ask her!” “But, she is real!” “Here is a picture of her!” “I know it looks like it was cut out of a magazine, but that’s because she’s a model!” “Long Live Saddam!”

Relief that it seems to be wrapping up? Elation that the Iraqis will soon get to decide their own fates?

Yes, the war made some people upset, but it doesn’t mean they are going to be gobsmacked or upset that it had the desired outcome. Or shocked that the Iraqis are thrilled to be out from under that dictator. I suspect most peaceniks had little doubt that the average Iraqi hated Saddam.

That Iraqis really didn’t like the evil sonofabitch? And that this incredibly non-startling development has no bearing on either the legality or the wisdom of this war?

(Just guessing; I hate to speak for all the other war bemoaners.)

Actually it has a lot to do with the wisdom of the war, in my opinion.

Also, I think this justifies the war strategy. Making more or less a beeline for Baghdad, targeting Saddam, etc. They underestimated to an extent how much fear Saddam had put the people under that they felt in necessary to repress their hatred of the man. But going to Baghdad and tearing down that statue, at least symbolically, is huge.

What did I think? Good for them! I doubt there is a single well informed person in this world who doubted this regieme was not evil and cruel to its people.

Now please explain what this has to do with weapons of mass destruction? If I remember correctly that was teh reason to start this war so soon. I don’t remember any resolutions put out there by the coilition calling for the freeing of the citizen’s of Iraq from Saddam’s government.

Maybe you believed the shift in goal but I’m not shifting my oppinion that there was something fundamentally wrong with unilateral action until they produce the weapons in question.

The radio said the crowd was pissing on the fallen statue. We really really need to get them some more water.

Back to the OP, would it be a General Question to ask: “How many people have been injured in spontaneous statue/monument destruction?” We have at least three or four good modern incidents to draw from now:

  1. The Berlin wall
  2. Russian republics
  3. Iraq
  4. Afghanastan

Unfortunately, I can’t imagine that anyone could generate any sort of reliable statistics given the usually volatile nature of these protests. The doctors are probably not asking “Did you hurt your arm on a piece of a statue, or was it bomb shrapnel?”

Don’t worry, Sofa King!

We’ve all thought of you as a barbarian iconoclast, & we always will.
Of course you could have smashed it better! :slight_smile:

You know what I’m thinking? I’m wondering what all you war hawks are gonna be saying in five years when the statue of Gen. Claire Lee Chennault is pulled down by Chinese Communists in Taipei, working outside of the U.N. and citing Bush’s precedent as justification.

Oh, thank you, Bosda! I really could have smashed it better, you know.

I also note the complete absence of keg beer and Viking helms as well.

Evil One: I second Xenophon’s comment.

Now let’s turn it around and ask: All you hawks who were upset about our “anarchic” domestic war protests, what do you think about this?