Am I the only one who prefers the old South African flag to the new one?

For comparison, the new flag:

and the old flag:

The new flag just seems way to busy for me. Colors going everywhere, that sideways Y just standing there. So, am I the only one?

Well, seeing as the old South African flag was seen as a symbol of apartheid, it had to go.

As for the new flag, however…I’ve heard it referred to as “a colorful pair of Y-fronts” (that’s “briefs” underwear, for us Yanks). That’s what happens when you design a flag by committee.

I prefer the new one.


Yeah, the old flag’s just. . a bit too reminiscent of the bad old days. The Dutch and Brit flags there might have a negative sense for some like some American southern states’ flags do for some.

The new flag grows on you - when it first came out, it was ridiculed by all and sundry as being too bright, reminding one of Y-front underwear, etc, etc. Everyone (apart from some dissident right-wing Afrikaaners) agreed that the old one had to go, but we weren’t too sure about the replacement.

But now, I think it would be true to say that it is viewed with great pride as a symbol of the new nation that is being forged (and anyway, you should have seen some of the other designs that were considered ::shudder:: ). Certainly, this South African wears it (on a tie) all the time, and we have a flag in the window at home.


Just to concur with grimpixie, when it was initially released there was a bit of disdain for it from people but it has definitely grown on the population and the vast majority of people (besides some staunch right wing Afrikaner groups, and even they prefer the flags of the two Boer Republics to the old SA flag anyway) consider it as ‘their own’.

I have been trying to find some pictures of the alternatives that were considered (why yes, I do have work that I am supposed to be doing ;)), but haven’t been able to do so. I did, however, find some interesting information about the flag and a site dedicated to a book about it.