Am I The Only Person In The World Who Hated Moulin Rouge?

What a frickin’ waste of time (mine) and talent (the actors). It had to be the most annoying movie I have ever seen in my life.

I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t think it was all that either. I enjoyed the opening scenes, but I thought the narrative was slow and pointless, and lost interest for the last 3/4 of the movie.

That’s all.

In regard to subject line:

Yes. Everybody liked it but you. Now you’ve ruined it for everyone. I hope you’re happy.

[sub] How can anyone -hate- Moulin Rouge? That is a blasphemy! [/sub]

You are not alone. I walked out on this unoriginal 2 hour MTV video about 45 minutes into it.

*goes to stand with jjimm and spooje

I’m happy now! :smiley:

Definitely not. But it might look that way since most people who would hate it can tell without watching it.

I didn’t think it was a very good musical. Mainly because I really didn’t like that many of the musical numbers.


Oh, and Mrs jjimm concurs with me.

I’ll happily join you.

Moulin Rouge sucked. And I don’t understand anyone’s attraction to Nicole Kidman, she looks like an animate statue.

You’re not the only weird who didn’t like it. There were quite a few, I understand.

Ok, I’m just kidding. I personally love the movie, but can understand that some people don’t like it. In fact, I’ve noticed some people hate it for the same reasons that I love it.

There are not enough variations on the word “suck” to adequately describe this miserable gas bubble.

I didn’t like it and to make matters worse my sister bought in on DVD today.

And she’s put all the music on my winamp playlist! :mad:

It’s interesting that people who loved it will say things like “Well, I guess you don’t love musicals” or “You have to immerse yourself in the romanticism” or some such hogwash to dismiss the opinions of people who think the film was, in many ways, unbearable.

Well, I love musicals and the unapologetic romantic streak that movies often have, and thought the movie was b-a-d. The acting was leaden (with the exception of Broadbent and the exception Ewan), the musical numbers are clumsy and over-edited to within an inch of their lives, and the dialogue is the summation of every banal, cliche-ridden love story we’ve already seen a thousand times.

The costumes aren’t bad, though.

Do you want to see a really, really good movie about life at the Moulin Rouge? Hunt down Jean Renoir’s masterpiece French Can-can. It has truer things to say about the relationship between art and love, it is passionate and sexual where the Luhrmann is tediously chaste, and the musical numbers are magnificent–dynamic, exuberant, and, oh yes: you can actually see the dancing, without having them all filtered through a cusinart.

Whoops, sorry about the coding. I’m typing this in the dark…

My girlfriend made me watch it, and I was just happy that it didn’t suck.

I thought it was way over-rated. I have a thing against smaltzy pop songs, which cut out vast amounts of the soundtrack. I like musicals, but I like to be able to figure out the choreography (read: I didn’t like the rapid-fire editing). The story was typically drippy, and neither of the leads had great singing voices.

The costumes were cool, though.

I neither hated it nor loved it. There were some great moments, such as the Spectacular Spectacular number and the Pythonish humor (e.g.: the handgun bouncing off the Eiffel Tower).

I absolutely adored the ROXANNE tango.

The rest of it was a waste of time. And I like Baz Luhrman’s work. There was just way too much of everything else. It gave me a headache. I also did not buy Nicole/Satine’s case of tuberculosis. I thought TB made one very, very weak and then progressively wasted the person away. N/S looked fab, if overdone, did an occasional miniscule kaff-kaff into her hanky. . . and then dropped dead onstage.

I loved it. Seen it three times so far (once in theatre, twice rented). Going to buy the DVD.

That said, I can also understand that some people hated it. It is very contrived, overacted, feverish, psychedelic, dreamlike…

And IM - not so - HO, that’s the very point. My take on the film is that it’s a mirror on how silly and self-centered we get, when we fall in love. How we dote on the partner, invent nicknames for each other, and are - in general - being totally obnoxious to all people around us.

A side issue: In Stockholm, the movie was playing at “Röda Kvarn” (lit- Red Mill), a turn of the century theatre, with lots of gold painted panels and columns, and red velvet. It certainly hightened the experience.