Am I the only person who hated Wedding Crashers and Old School?

I loved Anchorman. I didn’t even mind Zoolander. Even Dodgeball was bearable. However, I HATED Wedding Crashers and Old School. I just didn’t laugh at them. They weren’t funny to me.

Here’s why I hated them so much: they were too serious. Particularly Wedding Crashers. The romantic aspects of that movie were just way too overpronounced. Christopher Walken was wasted in his role (anyone could have played his character.) I cannot stand Owen Wilson as the focus of a movie. He makes a good side character, as in Meet the Parents, but he just cannot carry a movie - his soft-spoken WASP/surfer/hippy mannerism is just too cloying to have to be subjected to for long periods of time. As for Old School, the idea of middle aged men partying and trying to re-live their youth, or whatever, just isn’t really a vehicle for much humor. In fact, the whole concept of it was depressing to me, when I thought about it. It’s more sad than it is funny. I don’t know, these movies just didn’t do it for me.

Particularly Wedding Crashers, which was the BIG summer movie and which everyone was raving about - I just didn’t get it at all. It couldn’t decide whether it wanted to be a heartwarming romantic comedy or a buddy-flick or a goofy gag-fest, so it tried to mix them all and I found the results to be quite sub par.

Wedding Crashers was okay, but I had a problem dealing with the age differences. I know, I know, age doesn’t matter, but I still couldn’t get over it.

So, you’ve got Owen Wilson - 35ish, not horrible looking, funny, seems intelligent. I might be attracted to him. I’m nearly 30. The sweet young thing he got in the movie? She’s what, 22? 25, at the very outside? Just outta college? Is she *really *going to be interested in him?

Vince Vaughn, same thing - 35ish, reasonably attractive (hey, it’s an interesting face at least, can we agree on that), funny, intelligent. Yet the gal he hooks up with is even younger. Would he really want that after a year or two? Would she?!

Sure, 10 years isn’t that big a difference, when you’re 30 and he’s 40. But I posit that that same 10 years is a much bigger difference when you’re 20, 22, even 25. I just couldn’t buy it.

Old School - mildly funny at best. My husband loves it; go figure.

I wasn’t really amused by either movie.

Loved Wedding Crashers, hated Old School. To each his or her own. Dodgeball is comedy gold, but Be Cool is Vince’s best role.

Yeah, that’s why they make so many movies, somebody is bound to like something.

That sweet young thing is Isla Fisher, and she’s 30 years old…

Sorry, got my girls mixed up. The crazy redhead hookup gal for Vince is Isla, and she’s 30.

I loved Old School and hated Wedding Crashers. There’s no accounting for taste.

And I loved Wedding Crashers and hated Old School. :slight_smile:

Liked 'em both.

Didn’t like Old School, didn’t see Wedding Crashers. I’ve only seen bits of Dodgeball, although none of them have amused me. Zoolander had a couple of really funny moments. I have the quote about being an investigatory journalist taped to my wall (I work at a newspaper, how could I not?). Other than that and the gasoline fight, eh. I don’t like Will Ferrell or Ben Stiller.

Thumbs down for WC, didn’t see OS.

I couldn’t finish either of these movies. It wasn’t my idea to rent them, but I gave them both a chance, I really did. I found them to be totally unwatchable.

I went into them both expecting to find the experience unbearable, and ended up thinking they were both great.

To me, Anchorman is one of the least funniest comedies ever put on film. However, **Wedding Crashers ** totally cracked me up. (Sorry, but I haven’t seen Old School.) Go figure.

Wedding crashers grossed me and I turned it off after thirty minutes. I don’t like comedies based on sex, it’s not funny to me. I also dislike Vince Vaughn a lot.

Old school was better if not that good. I saw it with a company that loved it, so that made me enjoy it too, but I would have hated it if I saw it by myself, I’m sure. That said, I think Will Ferrell and Owen WIlson can both be cute if placed right.

Wedding Crashers: Okay for one watching, but I can do without seeing it again.

Old School: It was weak the first time. Well, except for Blue.

Zoolander: Comic gold.

Dodgeball: Eh. A few good laughs, but like Wedding Crashers, once is enough.

(Outside of the Vince Vaughn/Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller/Will Ferrell cabal, but still within the realm of stupid movies, Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle is quite good (especially Neil Patrick Harris’ contribution), Super Troopers is hilarious, and Baseketball is the best of this entire lot.)

And Rachel McAdams is 29.

I enjoyed Wedding Crashers, but I didn’t love it. I *did * love Dodgeball, but I hated Anchorman and I’ve never even bothered to see Old School. I don’t understand Will Ferrell’s appeal at all. Given decent material, he makes me laugh on perhaps every fourth or fifth attempt.

Wedding Crashers was disappointing, because I could see where it could have been a decent movie, if the humor had been a bit less over the top. Haven’t seen Old School.

Normally I don’t like raunchy comedies (like the American Pie movies) but I love Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. The extras on the *Virgin *DVD have an extended version of the “You know how I know you’re gay?” scene that will leave you in tears.

Haven’t seen Wedding Crashers but I loved Old School. Just hilarious.

Didn’t see Wedding Crashers, but I thought that Old School was the second worst movie I have ever had the misfortune of seeing on the big screen.