Am I the only person who hates AbFab?

I’m not sure I’ve met anyone who even mildly dislikes the show, and I managed a video store which rented the tapes for about 6 years. I think it’s the worst shit ever put on television. When I first heard about it, I thought, “Wow! That sounds really cool!” First time I saw it, “What a disappointment!” Second time, “Boy, this sucks!” Third time, “Guess it’s not a fluke, this really is as bad as I thought.” I’ve seen a total of those 3 full episodes and several 5-minute bits here and there.

It’s shockingly unfunny to me.

Anyone else?


No. You are wrong. The rest of the world is right.

No, the show is terribly unfunny. I could never understand why Comedy Central kept running it and even have marathons and such for it.

I’m with you. I never saw the appeal and I’m terribly easy to please and non-judgemental about tehse things.

AbFab is the most hideously unfunny show ever made. You’re very right about that.

I’m with you. I love British comedies in general, and people kept telling me how much I’d love AbFab. I’ve seen several episodes now, and haven’t even cracked a grin.

::raising hand::

No, wait. That’s not enough.

::jumping up and down::

Not quite.

::waving both arms in the air while jumping up and down and screaming::

Closer… it’ll have to do. I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate this show. I sat through an entire season of it for reasons far beyond my control and related to my employment (there should be a law about that, kinda like sexual harrassment) and never, not once, ever laughed. In fact it made me vastly uncomfortable.


I don’t get it either.

First of all, there is nothing wrong with wanting to tone and strengthen one’s abdominal muscles. Second, why on earth would an exercise video appear on Comedy Central. . . oh, wait a minute . . . . . . . . . . .

Seriously, folks, I haven’t see any episodes of AbFab. But I did see one funny sketch by French and Saunders that I enjoyed years ago.

It’s very very unfunny.

The French and Sauders stuff is hysterical. They did a LOTR parody not long ago that had me rolling on the floor. They were also great on “The Young Ones” - they both played bit parts a few times. It’s just AbFab that’s dull.

I’d love to see that LOTR parody by French and Saunders. Haven’t seen ‘The Young Ones’, but some of my friends raved about it.

The one sketch in which I did see French and Saunders was near the end of this video:

They played Silurians in a Dr. Who sketch.

I guess I’ll pass on renting any of the AbFab videos.

Half of the time I love it, half of the time it irrotates the hell out of me. It depends on my mood.

In my experience, it seems that, sadly, the most popular of the Britcoms tend also to be mediocre. “Are You Being Served”, for example, was fairly annoying to me.

I do not understand the appeal of this show either. When I was in grad school a friend was telling how great it was. She even gave me a tape telling me that they had a great “anti-technology” rant, about cell phones and the internet, etc.

I found it to be incredibly dull and not the least bit funny. I have seen a few French and Saunders shows in bits and pieces, and it is much more entertaining.

It had its moments, very few, but they were there.

I had a thing for Saffron, though. I guess it’s the old “smart girl in glasses” thing.

I had heard that this was The Funniest Show in the History of Broadcasting, so I was all set to bust a gut.

I was so disappointed. Just shallow, nasty people sniping at each other and getting drunk and self-absorbed.


I did too, come to think of it. Except she was looking really haggard in the later episodes.

I think the show is really funny. I have watched all the episodes many times. I laugh & laugh & laugh at the same jokes every time.

On the other hand, my 13 year old daughter HATES the show, and yells at me if she finds me watching it. She thinks the characters are stupid drug-taking drunks who have no morals, and it is not the kind of thing she wants her mother watching. What more could a mother ask for?

The first season was the best, and then it got worse with every new season. It was basically a one-joke show about a particular culture in a particular place and time and the longer it tried to stretch that joke over the most fleeting fashions, fads, and slang, the thinner the joke got. The new episode set in New York was a disaster.

Jennifer Saunders also kept giving herself more and more of the lines without understanding that on the show her character is not the funny one. There’s a reason stars need someone to sit on them when their egos get out of hand.