Am I the only Teen BOY?

Any other guys here between 13-19? If you have turned 20 within the last 3 months that will count too.

I thought Dare Devil and Floyd were guys but apparently they are not :smack: .

isn’t Chimpy a member? I think he’s 18.

There is another one.
He was a former employee of mine.

I am not sure if he wishes to announce his age though so I wont do it for him.

Very smart boy.

Chimpy didn’t renew, Ninety.

Chimpy didn’t renew, Ninety, and he just turned 16, not 18.

Oooh - I turned twenty four months ago. So I just missed. Still, going on the replies so far, perhaps I’m the closest thing?

~ Isaac

I’ve got another two months before I can register to vote.

And register for selective service :smack:

I’ll be 20 on June 21st.

I’m 18. So there.

Hey, you kids! Get offa my lawn!


Chimpy’s 16 (as am I). He didn’t renew. I talk to him pretty often.

I’ll still be a teenager until November. I’ve got 4 months to get used to that fact.

I’ll be 18 in August. Hi.

Tengo diecisiete años también.

What he said.

Nineteen over here. Almost ready to cross over to the Adult’s table.

I’ll be 19 in a few days.

Gives START as nonchalant a stare as possible

19 here.

  1. 18 in September. Yo, Evil Twin a.k.a. START.