Amalgam Comics

Around eight years ago, during one of the periodic DC vs. Marvel publicity stunts, there was a shortlived crossover between the two universes with, I think, about twelve titles combining all sorts of heroes from both universes into a new one, Amalgam. The two titles I’m remembering off the top of my head being the JLX (JLA and X-Men – there’s a new thread: JLA vs the X-Men and the JLX) and Dark Claw (Wolverine and Batman).

Was there anything done with this outside these initial issues? If so, how much longer did it last?

I remember being fourteen at the time and loving it as it tied in nicely with the DC vs Marvel debates we were having at the time and when Marvel eked out a win in the companion comic, I appealed to its dubious authority and held my win over his head for years until we moved on to more important matters: Star Trek vs. Star Wars. That was never decided to either of our satisfactions. But I digress.

My point in starting this thread is to find out if there a TPB of this in print. As a very casual comics fan, this is one book I’d really like to own if so. Any help?

You can own the originals.

The Unofficial Comics Crossover Index has an Amalgam page here and its a good overview.

1st set was published in April, 1996 and the 2nd set in June, 1997.

For tons of info visit the Unofficial Guide to the Amalgam Universe.

Thanks, Jeff. I just spent a good thirty minutes looking over it. I love this sort of thing.

Reeder: I’ve never been the type to worry about first prints and TPBs are easier to maintain and look prettier on a bookshelf besides. Thanks though.

I loved the concept, especially Lobo the Duck. Bruce Wayne, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. was also a good one.

I belive the original run of them actually had an overarching plot running through it. But the concept was brilliant in it’s stupidity and it was fun to figure out both who was being combined and how they set the powers.

The Amalgam was cool.

The Marvel vs DC crossover that lead into it was proof that Democracy Does Not Work.

Wolverine taking Lobo. Riiiight.

Tommy Monaghan took Lobo; why not Wolverine? Or do you think Wolverine fights fairer than Hitman?

Spider-Boy was surprisingly good, especially the second one with the Legion of Guardians 2099.

That’s crap, too.

Wolverine’s advantage:

Adamantium bones and claws.

Lobo’s advantage:

A healing factor that makes Wolverine’s look natural (Let’s see Wolvie inhale a harmonica and not even notice), a preference for very high powered ranged weapons, and a love of carnage that leaves Wolvie’s berserker side in the dust.

Look, I was a huge Wolverine fanboy when this came out. Even then, I knew enough of Lobo to know that Wolverine taking Lobo is utter crap.

Didn’t so much read the comic, then? It was pretty much a stand up fight. I’m willing to believe that with appropriate dirty tricks and whatnot, Wolvie could incapacitate The Main Man (after all, I’m primarily a DC fan and as such have been taught that the most dangerous being in the universe is a slightly unhinged socialite in a kevlar rodent disguise) but that isn’t how it ended up being written.

Um, it all took place off-panel on a barroom floor. Who knows what went on. Yeah, I did in fact read the comic. While Lobo can grow himself back from a drop of blood, that’s gotta take time. A few deft “snikts” with the ol’ claws can leave Lobo limbless and headless for… hours! Even Aquaman was able to make Lobo his beyotch once. It’s not that huge an accomplishment.

Lobo’s healing factor keeps him fighting even after he should be dead - I say again - he inhaled a harmonica and didn’t notice.

What would be (temporarily) crippling to Wolvie wouldn’t even be an inconvenience for Lobo.

Wolverine is facing someone who heals better than he does, fights dirtier than he does, has less concern for bystanders than he does, and carries BFGs the way most people carry small change.

If Lobo’d been handled properly, there would have been no bar left, the survivors would be few, and Wolverine would be a pile of adamantium-coated bones for the next few days.

Lobo has the same problem in crossovers as Superman or Green Lantern. In his own book, he’s near Superman level. When crossed over with someone of a similar power level, he remains so. When put into a crossover like this one, he’s suddenly a chump.