Amazing MMORPG story

Came across this article while surfing the web. It details how a group of assassins spent 12 months infiltrating a player’s corporation and then in one fell swoop, killing her and robbing her corporation of several billion of the game’s currency. Foul and uncouth - yes. Impressive? YES.

Makes me want to check out Eve. So it’s also fantastic advertising for the game.

Be warned; it takes a LONG time to develop a decent player in EVE, and it’s a slow game. I actually play it in the background while I’m doing other things.

Hell of a story, though. That’s what MMORPGs are supposed to be about.

Makes me want to check it out too…browsing the EVE website. Great story.

RickJay - Yeah, turns out one of my roommates beta’ed for it and he said the same thing. And the truth is that sounds very inviting to me. I played City of Heroes but quickly tired of the rote punch’em, kick’em, blast’em of the game. So an honest to goodness RPG sounds like something I want to check out.

That is freaking sweet! That game sounds very in depth and political. Why oh why didn’t Broadband develop while I was still in college? I’d love to play a part in this type of scheming.

The article confused me at one point. Did it suggest that the target of the hit was in on it to make the assassin look cool?

Also, I’d love to hear the non-Roleplaying take of the parties.

I wonder was the target personally hurt by this?

To me, in a RPG setting, this is fair game. It is kind of like on Survivor when they get mad at someone for lying. Lying is part of the strategy there and in a game like EVE.

Absolutely. I’ve been playing EVE for a few months now, and it’s a hell of a lot better than most MMOGs I’ve found. The game is set up so that if it lets you do it, it’s permissible. (Excluding bugs and hacks, of course.) This incident is perfectly legal, in the sense that the wronged parties would get laughed at if they appealed to the game company. It’s all about using your personal skills and matching them against other players’, and I don’t mean coded skills. There’s plenty of checks in the game to prevent being swindled, if you’re intelligent enough to use them. If you just provide open access to your corp’s accounts, hangars, and other assets to any newb who walks in…well, it’s like giving Ops status in an IRC chatroom.

I don’t play any MMORPGs, or even SSORPGs*, but lying, though it may not make you friends with anyone, can sometimes help you in Survivor. One of the most memorable Survivor moments for me was the infamous “Dead Grandma Hoax.”

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I didn’t mean permissible by the rules. I meant “acceptable” in the game play environment.

The article above stated there was some dissent as to whether the behavior was appropriate.

I could not see how it was anything BUT appropriate and ethical.

I’m confused, then. It’s ethical in the sense that CCP won’t take action against the perpetrators because it’s exactly the sort of thing they allowed for when creating the game, but it’s certainly not ethical in a social sense except in the most Machiavellian of societies.

This isn’t to say they should be hanged or anything. The whole setup was simply brilliant and well-executed.

I think we have the same opinion. We both think is was proper in the game setting (which IS Machiavellian it would seem.)

What I am asking is how prevailing is the opinion that it was poor gameplay?

I share your opinion that this was a GREAT move. I just want to know what the general opinion of other players.

On the final page of the article, the writer asks the question of whether it was morally right even within the game. He also says opinion remains divided on whether the assassin was “right” even within the game universe.

It said opinion remained divided between:

  • impressed
  • disgusted
  • Impressed but disgusted

I don’t understand the “disgusted” crowd. There were a lot of whiners on the last page of the article.What I was wondering was how prevelant this was. Is it a real sentiment or just sour grapes.
I also wondered what the victim’s public stance was.

Well, as near as I can tell, the entire point of Eve is to see just how Machiavellian (or Patton) you can get.

So those complaining are just jealous that they didn’t pull of this scheme?

I am truly impressed. I’ve never played EVE, but now I think I’m gonna start.

No, many of them probably don’t like it. But that’s the thing - they want to whine more than they want to fix the problem. I highly doubt anyone will start the Marshal Service Corp., punish evildoers, and enforce laws regularly in Eve. And that means that what they really don’t like is the idea of being in a real world.

I have condemned the use of the word before, but WHAT A BUNCHA CAREBEARS!