Amazing Police shootout - Detroit Police Station

Wow, these guys handled this amazing with zero time to react. Amazing.

Watch this video of a man walking in and shooting the place up.

Wow, that was pretty cool. I’m glad they killed the guy and that all of the cops are okay.

Holding a 13-year old hostage as a sex slave? Yeah, glad he’s dead.

Wow. I had to read the description and watch it a couple of times to really get what was going on. Trading shots at point blank range with a shotgun musta been beyond intense.

From start of the first shot till the suspect drops to the ground is 38 very long seconds.

Even with professionals packing heat who are trained for this sort of thing, I’m not sure the police academy has this one in the book.

It harrowing to watch. It took several seconds for the cops to figure out where it was coming from and start responding. Even then, the firing accuracy was pretty wild, ducking and weaving. But fire back they did.

Whatever fantasy one has about carrying a gun (with or without a permit) to fend off evil-doers, the video gives one pause. You run into occasional blow hard who will tell you, “Well, if it was me…” Yeah. Whatever. :rolleyes:

But I’m glad no cops died. I only hope that the physical damage was slight. I hope they all seek out counseling if they need it.

Here’s to you life, Lamar Moore, you ended it Sunday as the biggest turd in Detroit that day.

No shit – if that story’s true, part of me wishes I could’ve pulled the trigger myself.

Pity there’s no Eternal Hell (in the Christian sense) for these kind of predators. :mad:

The whole story is…weird. And new pieces keep coming out daily.

The girl ran away December 5. According to the timeline he picked her up on the street at gunpoint on the 14th and held her chained in his basement for nine days. She broke free on Sunday, the police put out a warrant for his arrest and he shot up the station the same day.

According to an account by the girl’s mother, the girl was allowed to call home (from a phone number that came up “restricted”) nearly every day, and that she alerted the police after she called the first time. The police say she only notified them when she ran away on Dec 5 and never let them know of the later kidnapping.

A local convenience store owner said he picked up a TV Guide Sunday like he did every week and was not acting oddly, though he did say he “needed to go make a run”. His neighbors say he was a level-headed, well known, well liked guy. His fiancee says she was over at his house all day on the 20th and would have noticed if he had a girl chained up in the basement. According to the mother’s account, the girl said nobody else came in the house the entire time she was there.

In a raid also Sunday, the police found “items that led them to believe there could be other assault victims.” On Tuesday, the house burned down. It was, of course, arson.

So, it’s a bit unclear yet just what the hell was going on. Why would a mother whose daughter has been kidnapped for nine days only call the police once? Why do the cops have no record of that report? Who burned the house down: was it an attempt to cover up evidence by friends or family, or maybe accomplices? Or was it to cover up that there was no evidence? Was he being framed? If so, why would he go shoot up the police station? the warrant hadn’t been served on him yet, so he had to know some other way that they were going to be coming for him.

Me, I’m thinking he did kidnap the girl, but there’s other pretty fishy stuff going on.

I’m wondering if she was a prostitute, and perhaps running away wasn’t all that uncommon.

We recently had a case where a prostitute in Hamilton, Ohio was kidnapped and repeatedly assaulted for over a week by a member of some white supremacist group. He threatened her to the point where she didn’t make a peep when he hosted card parties at his house. Apparently this kind of thing isn’t unheard of when you live on the mean streets:

““Whether it’s by violent force or it’s by psychological coercion, it is happening right here in our own back yard and on a fairly regular basis – much more than I think any of us would like to admit,” said Kari Kester, of Union Bethel, which helps women get off the streets.” (from the second link)

i remember hearing about this on sunday, then state of the union and egypt took over the news.

thank you for the updates.

New video update from the Chief says 2 officers are in stable condition, while the other 2 were treated and released.


What a noob! The guy missed two shots point blank. Worse than if my mom tried to play counterstrike. The jump over the counter was pretty impressive, but as Jordan said “Million dollar move, 5 cent finish”.

I’m glad they have nerfed the shotguns, so this jackass ended up with a 0.00 K/D ratio. I was impressed by the dolphin dive.
I may need to take a break from Black Ops for a while…

Here is an interview with the police officer who took the shooter out. You can see the video on the right and he’s the guy towards the back left of the screen.

The guy had some of his fingers damaged. Think he still has them, though.

Shoulda used the n00b tube.

What happened when the guy was standing over the two officers on the ground? Was he reloading?

Why do people still live in detroit?

Yeah, thanks very much Superhal, that sure adds a lot to the conversation.

I should add something to the conversation myself, really: I could give an itemized list of great things about Detroit, but in a nutshell, the reason people still live in Detroit is because of people like Commander Davis.

We still live in Detroit because it’s our home. It’s like family, and you don’t give up on family.

Possibly because the Lawmen appear to be invulnerable to shotgun fire.