Amazing Race 11.28 football delay likely

Fourteen football minutes left, twenty minutes to the end of the time slot.


:head desk:

25 minutes late

I have no delay at all in NC. I walked in from my daughter’s bath at 7:59 according to my phone, and the 60 Minute credits were rolling.

No delay here.

Nick is such an asshole.

Did you catch the funny moment from Amazing Cameraman and Amazing Editor? Nick was yelling at Vicki because she couldn’t run due to asthma, and the camera panned over to the tall, phallic building in the Hong Kong skyline… I know I didn’t imagine that subtle little poke at Nick! :smiley:

Yeah, Free Vicki, f’reals. I like her. I like her attitude. I like her personality. I can’t stand him. He’s an ass. Neither of them is terribly intelligent, but he doesn’t have any apparent redeeming qualities to offset that the way she does.

Anyone else blown away by Phil’s voiceover saying that Bangladesh has the equivalent population of both the United States AND Mexico, all living in an area the size of Los Angeles? :eek:

I predict Nick will once again have an act of contrition next week.

Get off my TV.

He makes my smackin’ hand twitch. Nick, your partner are until she was sick for you, the very least you can do is to fucking stay awake!

Why is a restaurant in China called “Majesty Chinese Restaurant”? Wouldn’t they all be Chinese restaurants there?

If the teams stay in the order they finished this leg, I could live with that.

This was just so wrong. I thought we were rid of the metalheads. Damn, damn, damn.

What a whiny little shit he is. She needs to kick his ass to the curb or beyond.

I really, really like Claire, but Brooke not so much…

(and Nick is a little bitch who can fuck-off back to Vegas to resume his job mopping up in the peep-show booths there)

It was obviously a non-elim. Phil always does the “you’re one of three teams that will be racing for $1,000,000” thing. As soon as he didn’t say that for the first team, I knew.

Never in the history of television have we seen such a combination of “Hong Kong Harbor” and “person who desperately needs to be thrown into Hong Kong Harbor”. It’s sad when perfect opportunities like that are wasted.

I am going to be SO pissed off if Team Tatoopid doesn’t get Philiminated next week.

I have to say, Jill and Brooke and Kat all dancing together on stage at the restaurant/karaoke place was kinda hot.

I REALLY could have done without the puking audio. Thanks a lot, Amazing Sound Editors.

Yes, though be said Dhaka, of the whole country. Also, according to the stats in Wikipedia, it’s complete bunk. Dhaka has a population density 44th among world cities, not first. Taking its (admittedly very high) density and multiplying it by LA’s area, one gets 29M people in LA. A far cry from the population of the US and Mexico.

For all the dislike on bunching points, tasks like the one at the restaurant seem to me to be anti-bunching points. The first team is looking for five objects hidden somewhere on the table. They have the chance to find the easiest one, and the task gets harder, and probably takes longer, for the following teams.

Yeah, I was a bit sceptical of that little “factoid” as well; I know that Bangladesh is densely crowded, but nearly 400,000,000 people living in an area the size of Los Angeles???

My favorite Nick moment was when he complained that he hadn’t eaten anything all day, just after his partner had vomited an entire buffet.

I haven’t liked any of the dating couples this season at all, but really, your partner spends who knows how long eating sushi, throwing up (could have done without hearing it), and you can’t look for a number on a side of a boat with a flashlight because you’re too tired? You’d rather take a 6 hour penalty. He’s lucky it was non-elimination leg. Personally I was hoping they were out of it.

I can’t remember who said it, Brooke or Claire, but is it correct that no other team that has been u-turned hasn’t been eliminated in that round? I thought one of them said as much in the taxi.

When I first heard Phil say that, I fittingly raised an eyebrow. The more I think about it, I am thinking, it was some kind of Math trick with population density and not meant to be taken literally but I would have to hear it again.