Amazing Race "Unfinished Business" cast announced

The more I think about it, “Who’s There? Are you a Sex Criminal” would be a great Voice Mail/Answering Machine Greeting.

Ooops that last post was meant for the Big Bang Theory thread. My bad.

Ha, I was expecting that to be the title of this episode.

Mike and Mel all the way!!! Love them.

I missed the first few minutes (came in during the opening credits). What did I miss?

The teams had a challenge right at the starting point. They had to find a paper airplane with QANTAS written on it, given the clue Queensland And Northern Territory. There were hundreds of the planes up on wire stands. The first 8 teams to find the correct planes were on the first flight, which lands 90 minutes before the second flight. The very first team got a (I forgot what they called it) skip card, which will allow them to skip one task. Mike and Mel were first! Amanda and Kris were last, and got an automatic u-turn.

I think that’s it. :slight_smile:

Okay I have 4 favorite teams (although Cowboys for the win!). How am I gonna root for 4 teams? And that doesn’t even count all the teams I like really well. I’m already an emotional wreck and I’m only to the first commercial break!

30 minutes through and I’m about to cry.

OK, I was confused. I thought the first team to get the QANTAS plane would get the Express Pass but it was the first team at the pit stop. Sorry about that.

Oh my poor Cowboys!

And it’s a two-parter! How dare they do this to us!


They have to get through the next week, otherwise they never would have left it the way they did.

Cried during the second half, just saw the previews for next week and Oh My Mel!! Between him and the Cowboys I’m in puddles.

Phil actually gave the clue “Queensland and Northern Territories** A**ir Services” as the first challenge, or QANTAS for short.

I’m about to send Phil some hate mail over this. Today was terrible enough, now I have to worry about the Cowboys all week too.

I have to say that Kara and Jamie look hard, like almost Porn-star hard, and not at all in a good way. Both women are much, much less attractive than they were just a couple of short years back.

It might make me a judgemental asshole, but aren’t Kent and Vyxine a bit too old to still be dressing/presenting themselves like that? You two are almost 30 years old; grow the fuck up already, attention whores.

I absolutely know that he can’t control it, but Luke’s braying is really unpleasant to listen to. (sorry, that’s my honest opinion, and I am fully aware it is MY problem, not his)

Mel and Mike, Kent and Vyxsin, and Zev and Justin are still the ones I’m rooting for, but I don’t dislike anyone but Luke and Margie, and that really isn’t much of a dislike. Yet. :smiley:

Isn’t Phil K a Kiwi? All this gushing over Australia must be turning his stomach.

If I was racing with any of my potential partners, I think I would have had to do the roadblock.

And I would not have enjoyed it. At all. What kind of sharks were they? Besides Big Ones!!!

Somebody on TWOP said they were grey nurse, ragged-tooth, and sand tiger, which are almost always harmless to humans and doubtless well-fed anyway.

Is this the first part of the two-part episode? The Cowboys are out though, aren’t they, the rest seem halfway to Alice Springs or wherever already.

Margie and Luke annoyed me so much the last time they were on that I can’t cheer for them this time. And how selfish of the man to have thevheart attack on the plane and inconvenience the contestants! Even if you think that, I can’t believe anyone would actually say something on national TV. The Globetrotter (don’t remember which one) expressed concern for the man, so I’m cheering for them. The cowboys seem like great guys, but it seems they may not have excelled in the classroom.