Amazing Race

Brandon and Rachel are going to be back! My ears have already started bleeding.

The only all star team I would love to see back are Charla and Marla the cousins where one was a little person and she did all the work, like carrying a side of beef as the other complained it was too heavy. But NOOOOO Rachel and Brandon:smack:

Refresh an old man’s memory, because I find that even the most annoying teams tend to slip out of my mind very shortly after the season is over.

Seriously? Crap. Once was enough for me with those two. I may have to skip this season. :frowning:

brandon and rachel… he was ok just P**sy whipped… she was the fake red head with fake everything and eyelashes… who whined all the time … they were engaged i think and she referred to him as her fiance all the time… I must have blocked all with them as I cannot think of anything else …they were big brother alumni — their claim to fame…sad to say she did kick ass in a lot of the challenges. Did they win that season??

I just looked up the cast… I was going to post a pic of Brenchel…but wont. Good News is remember the team with the deaf kid? who came in 3rd I think. They are back!!! In the press release it doesnt mention him being deaf. I liked them as the mom was very supportive but not smothering. Go check out the pics as I laughed at the Cowboys Jet and Cords pic… ironed crease in the jeans…havent seen that since the 80’s

She wore sparkles on everything and cried a LOT. Her partners name is actually Brendon. The two of them were on Big Brother twice and she won the second season they played. They placed 3rd in their first Race.

Twinnies also fall into the OMG why category.

I am looking forward to some of the returning teams - Flight Time and Big Easy were a lot of fun (Globetrotter team), the brother cowboys were nice guys who while they didn’t finish last definitely didn’t finish first, the father with the torn ACL last season is back with his son and the dopes who were eliminated with an express pass in their pocket (because the assumed anyone they didn’t see was far behind them) are back.

Most of the other teams don’t fit nicely into a YAY they’re back or OMG not again category. The Afganimals are back and while they’re never Meh they swap back and forth for me pretty regularly.

Deaf son and mom Luke and Margie are back, Mark and Bopper, the blonde country singers and Joey and Meghan (team internet star).

Thanks god for the CBS website 'cause I’d never remember all of this.

No, they didn’t win, but IIRC they came in third place.

If they are even more annoying this season, my guess is that they think the audience wants them to be more annoying because that’s what they’re “known” for. On one of the previews on it shows them carrying “Brachael” banners (for those not in the know – “Brachael” is the nickname snarkers gave them back when they got together during BB). So yeah, they’re having fun with it.

OTOH they did run a very good Race, so for me that outweighed the annoyance factor, even when Rachael had a hissy fit :eyeroll: over possibly shaving her head.

In general I like these reunion-type shows. OTOH I wonder if CBS does it to save money on auditions since everyone playing is already a known quantity…?

Oh my gravy! The Cowboys are back!! This gives me such a happy - they’re my favorite team ever.


I’m sure I’m misremembering, but I could have sworn the cowboy brothers and the mom with deaf son were in a previous “second chance” TAR.

You are correct - the cowboys, the deaf son & mother, and the Globetrotters were all in the Unfinished Business season.

At least they’re not letting previous winners come back, like Survivor does.

I’m happy about the Cowboys and the Globetrotters.

Especially the Globetrotters. Flight Time and Big Easy came to visit my son’s school when he was in 5th grade. They performed some tricks and spend time talking with the kids in each class. They made a huge impression on him back then. That was before the first time the were on TAR. We always root for them.


Gah, no thanks. I’ll read the wrapup threads here and start watching again after they’re eliminated.

So let’s see… we’ve got three teams that have already been on twice before, we’ve got the Twinnies, we’ve got the Afghanimals, we’ve got the only team to be eliminated from the Race with a pair of Express Passes in their pocket, we’ve got Team YouTube, and we’ve got Brenchel. Yep, I’ll be skipping this one for sure.

By the way, did anyone notice that Brendon and Rachel’s “racer card” says they’re newlyweds?