Amazing rescue of a construction worker from a residential complex on fire.

Today, close to the AIG Campus in Houston:

Look at the end as the fire department guy on a ladder and the construction worker leave at the nick of time.

Great job by the FD.

“Thank you Jesus!”

For starting the fire?

Wow, that is amazing.

The worker involved was construction supervisor Curtis Reissig. Fire Capt. Brad Hawthorne was a hero that day.

Yeah, there have been some pretty amazing rescues.

This guy was plucked from the boom of his tower crane by helicopter while the building below burned…

I’ve seen that before! It was the first thing I thought of after seeing the rescue in the OP. Dude had no more boom left, and it too reminded me of a rescue from a movie.

How many stunt men can swing forward and drop onto the next ledge? That takes balls of steel.

You’d be amazed how metallic one’s balls become when there is a raging inferno ten feet behind you.

No matter what, when he swung down I’ll bet it was hard to let go of the upper ledge.

Whe that adrenaline kicks in, I’m betting there isn’t much you CAN’T do…:eek: