I got to play fireman today

My supervisor and I were driving back from our worksite today on the I-15 freeway. A pickup in front of us suddenly started smoking a whole lot. The truck managed to make it to the right shoulder and we did too. I got out our fire extinguisher. By the time I got out of our truck, the pickup had flames shooting from underneath. I told the driver to get out and knelt next to the pickup and put fire out.
Cool, I got to play fireman today.

Well done. Good on you for helping out with the fire. (You have better nerves than me, Roadwalker – :))

It’s always nice to be a hero.

I tried unsucessfully to prevent an accident today.

A lady was pulling away from the gas pump, but hadn’t removed the nozzle from her car. I was honking and holding my hand up in a ‘halt’ sign kind of way. She didn’t stop and when the hose became fully stretched, it sprang out of her tank, flew through the air and actually hit the other woman on the other side of the pump in the head.

Yow, I bet that hurt.

The first lady said she thought I was telling her to move, and then said I distracted the second lady. Like it was my fault. Sheesh.

You’re a hero, roadwalker!

So, Roadwalker where were you the other night for me?

It’s great that you could help out. I wish I could thank whoever it was that called my fire in when they did. It no doubt saved my house.

i’m rather impressed that you have a fire extig. in your truck.

way to go!!

Well - I got to play lift rescue yesterday - and was a spectacular failure!!!

A number of us went of lift release training recently, so that we could learn how to free people who got stuck in the lift (elevator) in our building. Yesterday, someone got stuck, and it was the chance for us to be heros!!

Debbie (the building manager) and I rush up to the roof where the lift engine is located - “Right,” says Debbie “Step 1 - switch off the power.” I pull the switch and it won’t be pulled… she pulls it - nothing! I pull again, still nothing. We panic, thinking “We’ll have to call the fire brigade and they’ll look at us like we’re idiots because we can’t remember the training we had two months ago.”

Then Jeff wanders up - we say “We can’t work out what to do!” Jeff calmly puts on his glasses, read the notice next to the power handle “Extend handle fully before switching power off”, does so and the rescue proceeds without incident since the lift is stuck right in front of one of the floors (except for the small crowd of well-wishers who have gathered to make fun of Ollie who was the poor bastard who had the misfortune to be in the lift when it got stuck)…

:o :smack: & :wally