My honey was an honest to Og hero today!

My husband, as many of you know, has been a firefighter/EMT since he was a teenager. He works for a Large Airplane Manufacturing Company, presently. The LAMC wants to look good to the locals, so, a few years ago, the fire dept got a rescue boat. It’s mostly used for Seafair events.
But not today. A call came over the radio, from someone who wasn’t dispatch. They said that two kayakers had capsized at the south end of the lake. The caller said he couldn’t see them anymore.
Hubby and another firefighter raced out to the boat, jumped in and hydroed over to the mouth of the Green river.
There were two people in the water, both face down, and not moving. They were wearing life jackets, but old, poorly designed ones. The wind was up, which made the boat hard to manage. When they got along side one of the victims, the boat was still moving faster than they would have liked. So, they had one chance. They grabbed the male by the back of his shorts and hauled him into the boat. A couple seconds later they had the female as well. Neither was breathing, so the guys each took a bag-valve-mask to each of the rescues. Both started breathing again, and were talking by the time they made the ER doors. They will probably sleep in their own bed tonight. All because of my HERO! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Not only that, he was at the park yesterday afternoon, when a pickup truck with three teenagers in it, roared into the parking lot, waving at two other teens in a parked car. They were headed directly toward their friends, and never touched to brakes. They slammed into the passenger’s side door.
The kids in the truck were drunk. All five of them were injured and got rides on the Trauma Train, not a ride you want to take. At least, it didn’t appear they were going to get their tickets punched.
Hubby didn’t really do anything, except, call it in and tell the ones in the truck to lie still and shut up.

I am so very proud of him, it brought tears to my eyes. :cool:

Good for him! You darn well have a right to be proud.

Many thanks to your husband! I understand why you are proud!

Wow, that’s wonderful! You should both definitely feel very proud. I’m glad that he was able to prevent a tragedy and I’m sure those people will be thankful to him for the rest of their lives.

That is way cool! It’s so reassuring to know there are folks like that out and about!

That’s terrific, picu! Three cheers for picuhubby :slight_smile:

A buddy of mine once helped pull 5 kids from a burning house. My goal in life is to one up him. I’ve tried a couple times, but the folks seem to die.

I am always jealous of the folks who pull it off. Tell him we’re proud.

Certainly the feel-good story of my morning! Wonderful!

Good for him!

Good for him, and his buddy. And kudos to the concerned person who called in the report.