Amazing Stories: The Mission

Okay, Spielberg directed it, one of the most riveting hours of TV ever, we all know that. And if we don’t, we must find a copy and view it!

But I started this thread for a question, not a discussion.

Is this the only time on a TV show or in a movie that’s set in wartime when a guy talked about his sweetie who was waiting for him, and actually survived to see her again?

Nope. Not even close. One of the characters in The Caine Mutiny (1954) is about to get married to his girl at the end of the movie, having proposed via telephone. To be fair though, the war in the Pacific was not quite over, so it’s possible he got killed the very next day.

In the book, though, Willie Kieth does survive the war but he doesn’t get the girl. He ends the book determined to do so, however.

Johnny in Johnny Got His Gun survived.

Sort of. . . . :slight_smile:

You know, this story was one of the most gripping, gritty, suspenseful stories I can remember Speilberg ever doing. I thought it was fantastic…

…right up to the last three minutes. Pretty much ruined it for me.

Bryan Ekers, after reading the Caine Mutiny, I saw it as pretty much a foregone conclusion that Captain Keith would end up married to May Wynn / Marie Minotti.