Amazing swimming pool in Singapore

I would like to swim in the pool that is on the edge of Victoria falls (Africa). The idea of being that close to a huge drop would be scary, but fun.

I’d like to know who discovered that and decided to be the first to jump in.

I like pictures 10 and 11 - they shaped the whole top level to look like a cruise ship got parked on their hotel.

“A few around the world”? They’re extremely common. They don’t have to be way up high to be an infinity pool, you know.

It was probably the same brave soul that first ate a lobster…

On our honeymoon we stayed in a hotel in Mexico, built on the side of a hill, that had an infinity pool. I remember looking over the edge, and since the straight drop down wasn’t very high, and after that the hill was sloped with vegetation, I thought that you could probably fall down there and survive.

The view from the edge of the pool was very nice (view of the Pacific Ocean.)

This wasn’t an especially fancy hotel, at least judging from the price.

I think I just pooped myself…

Naw, man. That one aint cuttin’ it. But yeah, it is odd that the OP has never heard of them before. I would love to visit one, especially the natural one at Victoria Falls. I bet that experience is unbelievable.

I’m sorry I killed you, Fidgit!

Infinity pools have been around a long time. I remember someone explaining it for a real estate story I was writing in the '80s. They aren’t just for resorts (but they called it an “infinity lip” pool–but it looked the same.)

My sister’s pool is like that, and from her deck you can see the ocean. But from the pool, you can’t see the ocean, only the space where the ocean is (that is, nothing else on the horizon), so it is kind of weird.

Yes, her house is on top of a hill. Which has led to a thing I don’t understand. Apparently every once in awhile she has to have work done on the pool because the water wants to lean to the downward side. Leading me to wonder: How doe the water know? It’s in a cube. I know water wants to run downhill, but from inside the pool, how does it even know which way downhill is? Can’t think about it, head will explode.

Yes; while the pool itself doesn’t scare me and looks neat, I would be extremely nervous staying in that hotel. Having that amount of water up above you just isn’t right.

I even had that reaction to a hotel I stayed in in Seattle, where the pool was on the top floor (but enclosed), and compared to the Singapore pool, that pool was a bathtub. But it still disturbed me to think about sleeping in a room under all that water.

I can’t even look at the damned pictures without feeling woozy.

My guess? Since the pool is basically a big box full of water and as such is quite heavy, it’s putting a lot of pressure on the earth beneath the foundations. Since you can’t spread the weight out as much on the downhill side, the whole pool is slowly tipping to that side.

I went to a house party at a friend’s parent’s place in West Vancouver. They lived on top of a hill with gorgeous views and had a pool like this on the edge of the property.

It was the first time I had ever seen a pool like this and I was intrigued. Before I took the opportunity to swim to the edge and see how the water was caught I asked:

“Where does the water go?”

“Onto the poor people” was the witty response.






New Orleans had one of those years ago!