Amazing swimming pool in Singapore

Check out the photos. I had never heard of an infinity poolbefore but apparently there are a few around the world. Anyone taken in a swim in one of these?

That’s the pool at the new Marina Sands hotel; I have been up there before and you must be a hotel guest to be allowed in. (Fortunately, my friend was celebrating her brother’s birthday there). The view is spectacular, but alas we weren’t allowed to swim because there was a thunderstorm that day.

That’s the catch. Singapore’s weather being so unpredictable, I bet half the time you want to use the pool it would be closed because it’s raining.

I’m reminded of what someone said about the Eiffel Tower, that he loved going there because it was the only place in Paris where he didn’t have to look at the damned thing.

Same thing with that pool; looks like a nice place to hang out and the view isn’t spoiled by the ridiculous building you’re on top of.

so…how easy to fall over the edge?

because I sure hope nobody would ever build something where it was as easy as it looks in those photos, to fall off the edge.

Isn’t there a transparent barrier surrounding the pool? You can see it in some of the photos.

Oh, so that’s what an invisible barrier looks like.

That would be a cool place to spend your birthday. I’d really love to take a swim there.

Oh, the “new” pool in el Cerro is like that. In Spain most pools are public or clubs; El Cerro is the club my brothers, Mom and my sister belong to. Posh for local standards but only for local standards.

I like pools like that because they’re easy to get out of without using the ladders (my elbows lock, making pushing myself out of a pool where the edge is half a yard over the water kind of complicated).

Guy de Maupassant, I believe.

Here’s the naturally forming equivalent.

It would be like falling out of a swimming pool. Essentially impossible unless you do something stupid like sit on the edge.

I’ve been in other infinity pools, but never this one. Every infinity pool I have seen has been designed to look like you could swim off the ledge, but there is actually a deck and raling around the pool and the edge of the building. The pool is higher than the deck so when you are in the pool, you can’t see the railing (I’m not explaining it well, and I can’t see the pics at work for this pool).

Yeah, the wall of the pool comes up to, well, a fraction below the surface of the water, of course. And even if you did climb over, you’d only land in the catch area just below the lip which collects the water that spills over.

Ye gods, I get vertigo and sweaty palms just imagining being that guy in that one picture who’s leaning out over the edge to snap a pic. I just don’t think I could look over the edge of that thing.

Earlier this year I stayed at Riu Palace Las Americas in Cancun, which has two such pools that are oriented so that, seen from a distance, they appear to merge with the ocean.

As someone who is terrified of heights, there is no effing way I could do that. No way. Unless someone was willing to make me very wealthy to do it, there’s no way.


Can you imagine if the wall failed and all of a sudden you were swept over the side? Everyone in all the surrounding buildings would see you falling and you’d be in… your bathing suit!

I’m disappointed. I was expecting a pool with the topology of a Moebius strip or something exotic like that. This just looks like a swimming pool with a sunken edge.

I’m surprised the OP hasn’t heard of infinity pools before- they are incredibly common in newer hotels and resorts and such. They are my favorite kind of pool and favorite look.

In fairness, though, the pool in the OP is a pretty epic infinity pool. I’ve been on IP’s on cliffs, but never a building.