My new flat's going to have a swimming pool!

Well, not quite. The flat itself isn’t going to have a swimming pool, that would be a bit silly.

But there’s one in the building I can use. And a jacuzzi!

I actually have the keys now, but I still have this place till Saturday and I’m moving things slowly between the two places. I will consider myself “moved” when the internet and phone line move, which will probably be some time tomorrow.

But a swimming pool! For me! Yay!

I have lived in many apartment buildings that had pools and jacuzzis.

Don’t live near enough to see it - you get to hear all the drunks jumping in and screaming late at night (despite restricted times posted to use it.)

Wait until you see some dumbass mother letting her naked 3 year old swim, poop and pee in the pool. We’ll see how eager you are to jump in after that.

You have other clowns who think it is cute to let their dogs swim in the pool as well.

On weekends, the pool is normally jammed and you can barely get in, let alone swim.

So - best bet is to be the first in the morning, during the week, about an hour after the pool guy shows up (and hope they put in plenty of chlorine and clean the pool early).

Congratulations on the new digs! We are moving from a place with a pool <apartments…wait, I’m sorry, ‘condos’. Still don’t know, or care, what the difference is, since nobody actually lives in them if they own them, just rent them out> to a place with no pool.

The boys LOVED that pool. Loved, loved loved it. And it has a smaller ‘warm pool’, which is really just a jacuzzi that can hold 10 people. That was very useful for MrTao when he had joint issues.

Mornings will be best for the pool for you right now, I imagine, but once school is back in session I bet mid-days will be awesome :slight_smile:

Aww, c’mon DMark. Would it have hurt anything let him be excited for a few more posts? I’ve never witnessed pool pooping, but you’re probably right. The other stuff, I’ve dealt with first hand. Maybe his (her?) building’s pool is only accessibly by well mannered, completely continent adults.

I’ve lived in two complexes with pools. The first one was almost always deserted. Until we had an oppressive heatwave. Then suddenly all of my neighbors were in the pool. Not swimming. Just standing, nearly shoulder to shoulder.

My big pool disappointment came when, to cut costs, the second pool-having complex I lived in stopped having lifeguards on Mondays, which is my day off.


There’s no kids allowed. There might be pollution of some kind anyway, but not from kiddies.

It’s my first night here tonight (I would be interested if I geolocate differently; I am so close that I have kept the same phone number and ISP but ya never know) and I’m about to pop off to another thing that the place has… a bar!

That was a good time in the bar; I have high hopes!